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Solar Energy Is The Age of Renewable Power

Solar Energy Is The Age of Renewable Power

We live in the age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Whatever electronics we buy, we demand it with high energy or long-lasting battery backup. When it comes to energy, solar is something which strikes our mind as it is the most sustainable power alternative. According to Allied Market Research, the solar energy market accounted for $52.5 billion and is estimated that it will reach $223.3 billion by 2026.

The Sun emits enough power onto Earth to satisfy all the human energy demand. Solar energy is a kind of energy which is readily available and renewable, and that is why it is an attractive source of energy. During the early times, solar energy harvesting has been quite expensive and relatively inefficient. But with the advancement of technologies in the last two decades, has increased the usage of solar energy in this generation by decreasing the costs and increasing solar panel efficiency.

The use of solar energy has come a long way now. This year, the world has witnessed more than 115 Gigawatts of solar installation across the globe, which is quite more than all other generation technologies combined together. In the next few years, technological improvements will ensure that solar power becomes cheaper than ever. It is predicted that by 2030, solar will become the most important source of energy for the production of electricity in many parts of the world.

The recent surge in the demand of solar panel installation in rooftop and rapid adoption in the architectural the field is the significant drivers which have led to the rise in demand for solar cells. Moreover, recent technological advancements have significantly boosted the adoption of solar panels in order to generate electricity.

With the increase in the demand for solar cells, we can expect a tremendous increase in the use of solar panels in the future. It can capture more light and transform the light energy into electricity. The consumers, as well as producers, are more likely to adopt solar energy if it produces the kind of energy which is equal to other non-renewable resources. This will also have a positive impact on the environment and climate change.

Given the fact that solar panel is so easy and quick to install and also flexible. It can be used to power something as small as a toy or as large as a city. Solar energy has a bright future and solar installations will continue to grow over the coming decade.

At Utkarsh, we understand the essence of renewable resource solutions through which a sustainable approach in everyday living can be adopted. Utkarsh India, being the leaders in solar lighting, offer street light poles with mounts for solar panels that are engineered as per your customization.  

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