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Signs that your commercial building needs to be repiped

Every commercial building requires a sound plumbing system for supplying clean water and also draining waste out of the property. But even, a sound plumbing system has an expiry date and needs to be upgraded or repiped. Repiping refers to replacing or removing all the hot and cold water pipes in the building. As a manufacturer of PVC pipe for agriculture, we share with you signs that your commercial building needs to be repiped:


1. Water leaks:

Water leaks are one of the common plumbing issues. It is easy to identify the water leaks from the pipes in the appliances. However, it is challenging to detect water leaks within walls, ceilings and slab foundations. By the time you notice water leaks, the damage could be more, which needs to be addressed immediately. Green patches on the walls, a sudden spike in water bills and a musty smell could be signs of the water leak.


2. Smelly or discoloured water:


When pipes are old or in disrepair, they can release chemicals and other contaminants into the water supply. This can cause water to smell foul. This can not only lead to serious health problems but also to the plumbing system in the building. If you notice that the water coming from the taps is cloudy or sediment-filled, it’s a good idea to call a professional plumber to find out the source of the problem.


3. Water pressure problems:


Over time, corrosion can have a significant effect on the performance of the plumbing system of the building. Not only does it cause visible damage to the outside of pipes, but it can also lead to a build-up of rust and sediment on the inside of pipes. This can reduce the flow of water through the pipes and lead to a drop in water pressure. While this process happens slowly over time, it can eventually have a noticeable impact on the plumbing system.


4. Visible corrosion:

 Corrosion is a common problem with exposed pipes. If you see signs of corrosion on the exposed parts of the pipes, the pipes should be changed as soon as possible. Corrosion can make the pipes weak and brittle. They are more prone to damage and leaks, leading to costly repairs. Not just that, corrosion also affects the quality of water the pipe is carrying. Corrosion can make drinking water unsafe for consumption.


5. Noisy pipes:

One way to avoid plumbing problems is to regularly check the pipes for signs of wear and tear. However, you may not always be able to spot visible damage, which is why it's important to pay attention to the sounds the pipes make. If you hear gurgling, rattling, or other unusual noises from the pipes, it is best to call a professional plumber. These noises can indicate air access, leaks or pipe damage.


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