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Power Substation Maintenance: Check These Tips

Power substation maintenance

A power substation is an important part of an electrical distribution system. They perform crucial tasks, including converting voltage from high to low or the reverse. Between the generating station and end consumers, electricity flows through several power substations at different voltage levels. When not maintained well, failure at power substations can lead to major power outages. As a reputed power substation supplier in India we share with you power substation maintenance tips:

  1. Ensure that the single-line diagrams are easily accessible for maintenance 

Single-line diagrams display the configuration of the components within a power substation. They show normal and abnormal conditions and indicate which components must be isolated and grounded. Single-line diagrams are important and come handy when technicians are troubleshooting the system. Also, these diagrams should be as detailed and accurate as possible. 

  1. Batteries should be well-maintained: 

Battery maintenance is important as they provide backup in the event of an outage or blackout. Batteries must be checked for signs of deterioration or corrosion. Technicians should perform the following tests: 

  • Visual inspection

  • Performance test 

  • Qualification test

Note: Battery storage rooms can be sources of chemical hazards. They must be secured with authorised access. 

  1. Practise continuous testing of components within a substation: 

Ensure that the equipment performs at optimum level without any interruptions during a testing programme. To achieve the best results with the continuous testing process, follow the industry-proven process. 


  1. Follow the manufacturerâ€�"�s instructions 

Whenever the power substations are tested, it must be done as per the manufacturer's instructions. The manufacturer's book is quite detailed and can help understand under what conditions should the oil level be checked or what remedial action be taken if water causes some damage. 

  1. Secure the perimeter area 

Keep lines, mechanisms, fences and gates clear to prevent deterioration. Installing fences along the perimeter can help prevent incidents of trespassing, deliberate scaling and stray animals foraying into the premises.  Use appropriate warning signs on the fencing. Know the industry guidelines regarding the height of the fencing and the approved fencing material. 

  1. Ensure that proper safety protocols are followed 

Each time technicians perform work at a power substation, they must follow proper safety procedures. Some of the common procedures are: 

  • Getting proper clearance from the authorities concerned 

  • Ensuring proper signage is at the site to restrict unauthorised entry. 

  • Wearing appropriate PPE for instance, shoes, gloves, sleeves and arc flash gear. 

Note: Gas detectors, scaffoldings and rescue equipment should also be checked regularly to ensure that they work properly when the need arises. 

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