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Offline Strategies to Promote your Road Safety Awareness Programme

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. This grim picture underlines the importance of effective road safety awareness programmes. Some of the factors that cause road accidents include speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, drunken driving and texting at the wheel. These behaviours are avoidable factors and can be addressed with effective road safety awareness programmes.

As one of the leading roadside crash barriers manufacturers, we share with you some of the carefully curated offline strategies to promote your offline road safety awareness programme: 

  1. Create and distribute flyers, brochures, posters and banners  

When it comes to offline strategies, flyers, brochures, posters and banners can never go out of fashion. They are the perfect tools to spread road safety awareness:

  • Flyers and brochures: You can design flyers with engaging content. As flyers are something people read on the go, make sure that the message is short and crisp. Flyers should be colourful and impactful so that they leave a lasting impression in a brief moment. To create interesting brochures, ensure that the content is well-written and has a strong message. To make brochures engaging, include illustrations and graphics. 

  • Posters and banners: When you are trying to connect with a local audience, traditional offline strategies such as posters and banners are still very effective.  They are a good fit for a road safety campaign as they can be placed almost anywhere you need them to. You can place them at strategic locations where your target audience, be it motorists or pedestrians, can see them easily. They can be placed in parking spots, road intersections or subways. 

When made from good-quality materials, posters and banners can be used several times -- all you need to do is roll it up and use it again. 

Note: These days the offline and online worlds do go together – so remember, to include your website and social media URLs on everything. This way your offline strategies will complement your online efforts. 

  1. Merchandise with road safety slogans 

Merchandise with road safety slogans is a great offline promotional tool. These products, be it T-shirts, key chains or mugs, can remind people of road safety messages. Try choosing products that you would be happy to receive yourself and ones that will be seen or used often.

  1. Collaborate with local community 

Events with your local community are a great way to spread road safety awareness. You can organise a road safety presentation for a local school, college or community group. You can even run a road safety poster or film competition for local children or young people. Once you do this regularly, you may even find NGOs and other charities coming on board to promote your road safety awareness programme. 

Crash barriers play a significant role in road safety by ensuring traffic control and lane driving. They also prevent vehicles from veering off the road.  As one of the leading roadside crash barriers manufacturers, we offer a complete range of W type metal beam crash barriers and components conforming to domestic and international standards. Our metal crash barriers are hot-dip galvanised for longer life. We use the finest quality raw materials that are sourced from brands such as SAIL, TATA and Hindustan Zinc.

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