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Key features to look for when selecting agriculture pipes and fittings

In India, agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for 58% of the population. For farmers, it is important to have access to an efficient water supply system for canaling, irrigation and sustaining livestock.  Agricultural pipes and fittings play a key role in transporting water to the farms. These days, most farmers are using PVC agriculture pipes and fittings. As one of the reputed agriculture pipes and fittings manufacturers, we share with you key features to look for when selecting agriculture pipes and fittings:

1. Corrosion resistance and UV stabilised: Good quality agriculture pipes and fittings are corrosion resistant and are UV stabilised, making them ideal for different farming applications. These properties make PVC pipes long lasting and ideal for outdoor use.

2. Chemical resistance:

Good quality agriculture PVC pipes are chemical resistant and this makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. They can be used for carrying water, sewage, chemicals and other liquids. They do not degrade or lose their shape when exposed to pesticides and fertilisers.

3. High flow rate:
PVC pipes are a great option for agricultural applications because they have anti-scaling properties and smooth inner surface.  Unlike ordinary metal pipes that scale and slow down the flow rate, PVC agriculture pipes and fittings have no chances of build-up and deposits. This allows for water to move smoothly through the system, which is essential for irrigation and other farming needs. This also means that they do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

5. Tough conditions:
Good agriculture PVC pipes and fittings can withstand tough operating conditions, making them ideal for underground and overground usage.

6. Easy to install:
Good quality agriculture pipes are easy to install and use. Ordinary pipes that are difficult to install can increase the cost of the project.

7. Multipurpose
Good quality agriculture pipes can be used for PVC sprinklers, drip irrigation, vertical garden and hydroponic garden. PVC pipes can be buried as deep as 10 inches and mounted above the ground.  When used for creating  hydroponic systems, PVC pipes can help farmers use less water than traditional methods of agriculture.

Looking for top quality agriculture pipes and fittings?

Utkarsh India’s agriculture pipes and fittings are ideal for lift irrigation systems and surface irrigation systems. Besides that, they can be used for  portable water supply systems and rising main and distribution lines. Made from high grade PVC materials, our products are manufactured as per IS standards. The leak proof joints and the durability of our agriculture pipes and fittings can help make irrigation more water-efficient. We are a leading agriculture pipes and fittings manufacturer. Besides agriculture pipes and fittings, we also manufacture column riser pipes and SWR pipes and fittings. To know more about our products and their price, fill in the contact form and our experts will get in touch with you.

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