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Important tips on warehouse lighting by a high mast manufacturer in India

Important tips on warehouse lighting

In warehouses, proper lighting is important to ensure the safety of workers and to create a safe and effective work environment. A well-designed warehouse lighting plan takes into account different factors such as the specific needs of the space, safety of the workers and the kind of work performed in the designated space. As one of the leading high mast manufacturers in India, we share some of the important tips on warehouse lighting:

  1. Proper Illumination: There should not be any dark corners or shadowy areas in a warehouse. To reduce the risk of accidents and safety hazards, all corners of a warehouse should have proper lighting. There are different types of lighting solutions such as fluorescent, metal halide and sodium vapour lighting. Choose and install right lighting solutions that not only illuminate space but also improve productivity. 

In well-designed warehouses, both overhead and task lighting are used. Overhead lighting illuminates the entire space, while task lighting is focused on specific areas or tasks. 

Mast poles are used in warehouses and other industrial settings for overhead lighting. These poles are tall structures, usually made from steel and aluminium, and are designed to support light fixtures at the top. They are positioned strategically throughout the warehouse to ensure that there is sufficient lighting in every corner. These poles can also be adjusted or moved as per requirements.  

When buying a high mast pole for a warehouse, check the height of the mast pole. Also, the weight of the light fixtures should be taken into account. The mast poles should be of the right height. If the poles are too tall, they tend to become unstable and pose difficulty during installation. 

  1. Regular inspection: Methodical and planned inspection of the lighting solutions and mast poles are important to avoid safety hazards. Maintenance staff must check for cracks, corrosion, or other signs of damage on the mast poles. They should inspect the anchor bolts and base plates for any signs of rust or corrosion. It is important to clean the mast poles on a regular basis as it can prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. The maintenance staff must check the electrical panel on a regular basis to ensure that the breakers and fuses are working correctly and that there is no corrosion or rust buildup. They should also replace burnt out bulbs and keep the light fixtures clean. Also, the staff should be properly trained to handle electrical equipment. They should wear protective gear and shut off power sources before performing maintenance. 

  1. Reduce the glare from lamps: Reduced glare not only ensures the safety of the space but also reduces the pressure on the eyes of the workers. Here are some important aspects that a lighting - plan includes: 

  • Selecting lamps with a lower colour temperature. 

  • Using diffusers or reflectors to reduce glare. 

  • Positioning lamps so that they do not shine directly into workers' eyes. 

  • Installing shades or filters on lamps to reduce glare. 

  • Adjusting the light output of lamps to reduce glare. 

  • Using matte or satin finishes on walls, floors, and ceilings. 

Also, workers must be encouraged to report any problems with glare from lamps. 

  1. Install GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters):  GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters) device is an important part of any electrical safety plan which is meant to provide added protection against potential electrical shocks and electrocution by interrupting the flow of electricity. Such situations can occur in the event of a ground fault. GFCI devices are highly recommended for industrial lighting. GFCI devices should be installed by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions and while paying close attention to the ground fault circuit interrupter's rating.

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