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How Utkarsh India Telecom Tower Helps In Effective Wireless Communication

India has over a billion mobile subscribers and it is expected to grow up to 5 billion in the coming years. Maintaining the growth of the subscribers and ensuring there is no overload on the cell tower that leads to disruption in connectivity, there is a huge requirement of advanced infrastructure. This is where Utkarsh India comes in, we help in manufacturing towers so they can be deployed in the geographic intensive area.

UtkarshIndia helps in building suitable telecommunication infrastructure for the growth of telecommunication networks and eventually leads to the growth of a country.

How Does Telecom Tower Work?

The main role of a cell tower is to elevate multiple antennas to receive radiofrequency signals from mobile phones and transmit them to other cellular devices.

A series of optical fibers are connected from the cellular/telecom tower to abase station located under the ground in a concealed manner. These connections are across cities and oceans so the world is connected with a series of the base station and telecom towers.

The cell tower of any targeted area must be enough tall to catch radio signals without interruption. The height of the telecom tower range from 50 ft to 200 ft, which are either installed from the ground at a deserted location or on the rooftop in between the city.

Parts Of A Cell Tower

The equipment of the telecom tower includes technology for transmitting and receiver of the signals, this is known as a trans-receiver.


The placement of the antenna is the most important part of telecom towers as it helps in catching the signal and transmitting a signal to the base point and another telecom tower.

The antenna is mounted over the head frame. There can be multiple antennas, some telecom towers have over 15 antennas. The number depends on the capacity of the tower, coverage area, and performance of each antenna.

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Why Utkarsh India for Wireless Telecommunication?

The use of telecommunication has been an integral part of our lives. Today telecom towers not only help in communication but it is an important tool for business to thrive. Utkarsh India strives to help the infrastructure of India for the growth of the economy. We have taken the pledge to deliver high-quality telecom towers which are cost-efficient and do not require much maintenance.

We have four manufacturing units and trained personnel that ensures quality in our products. Being in the business for 40years, we understand the best of telecom towers for wireless communication.

UtkarshIndia Limited offers a full range cum diverse product baskets ranging from 9 MRoof Top Tower (RTT) to 60 M Ground Based Tower (GBT) (Lattice, Tubular &Hybrid) & up to 180 KMPH, Integrated solutions ranging from design, manufacturing & supply.

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