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How to streamline water conservation in commercial buildings?

Commercial buildings use large amounts of water. Water conservation is important for all businesses because fresh clean water is a limited resource, as well as a costly one. One of the effective ways to save water is to establish a water savings plan.  As one of thereputed HDPE pipe manufacturers, we share with you some common ideas to streamline water conservation in commercial buildings



1.    Install low-flow plumbing fixtures

One of the easiest and effective ways to save water is to retrofit the building with water-conserving plumbing fixtures such as tap aerators, high efficiency toilets, and low-flow shower heads.  Though this would require initial investment, in the long run, it can help save water and reduce utility bills.


2.    Switch to low-flow toilets

Bathrooms are water-guzzlers.  However, by switching to low-flow toilets, you can reduce overall consumption of water in the building. Low-flush or dual-flush toilets use 5 to 6 litres of water per flush compared to 9 or 10 litres for standard toilets.


3.    Use grey water:

Earlier, it was thought that the water used in most commercial buildings was in terms of clean clear water coming in, and sewage—or black water—going out. Grey water is something in between. Grey water is water used in the washing machines, showers, and bathroom sinks. It is not sanitary enough that it can be used for drinking. But it’s also not toxic.   Treated greywater can be used for

●      Watering garden

●      Toilet flushing

●      Cleaning

●      Cooling equipment


4.    Use HDPE pipes for leak-free plumbing system:

Leaking pipes can lead to wastage of water. The best way to avoid water wastage due to leaking pipes is to install high-quality pipes that do not crack or break easily. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has gained acceptance as a non-ferrous alternative to metal pipes. As HDPE pipes are  corrosion-resistant and strong, they offer leak-free performance.


Looking for HDPE pipe manufacturers?


We, at Utkarsh India, offer high-quality HDPE pipes that are used in many commercial buildings. They have been tested and proven effective for different applications, including above ground, surface, buried and floating. Our HDPE can be used for carrying potable water, wastewater, chemicals, hazardous wastes, and compressed gases. Some advantages of HDPE pipes are

●      Strong

●      Extremely tough

●      Easy installation

●      Resistance to chemicals

●      Leak free joints and lower instances of repair



5.    Install a rainwater harvesting system

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems can be a viable option for buildings that have a high demand for non-potable water. Capturing and storing rainwater is an easy and effective way to conserve water through a commercially viable point of view. Stored rainwater can be used for laundry, toilet flushing, car washing, and ornamental water features.


6.     Insulate piping

In many commercial buildings, hot and cold water are used. However, when piping is uninsulated or not insulated properly, the user will wait for the hot water to flow, resulting in significant water waste. Properly insulating the piping system can ensure that the heat losses can be reduced and hot water can be made available immediately. The user is less likely to waste cold water in such a scenario.

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