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How to start a farm in India?

Agricultureis one of the most important industries. In India, setting up farms for one’sown use or to start an agricultural business has become quite popular.  However, starting a farm is easier said thandone. There are a lot of factors to consider - right from finding anappropriate land to creating proper infrastructure. If you want to start a farmin India here are some useful insights curated by one of the leading PVC casing pipemanufacturers:



1.   Decide what will you produce:


As a farmer, the first step you need to do isdecide what you want to produce. You can grow about any plant you would like ona farm as long as the conditions are right. Before making any descion,consider:

●      Climateconditions: You atleast need to have fundamental knowledge about climate conditions and cropsthat they support to grow. Knowing the humidity levels, frequency of rainfall,precipitation levels can help you choose the most appropriate crops to grow.

●      Soiltype: If you arestarting a farm for the purpose of running a business, you must know what willbe the potential yield. Therefore, knowing the topography of the land is quiteimportant. An easy way to understand the topography of the land is to get thesoil analysed at a soil testing laboratory. This will help you determine the soiltype and decide which crops would give the most yield.


2.   Get the finances sorted:


Before you start work on your farm, thoroughlyplan everything. Your plan must include the cost of the land and farmingequipment. Not just that, you must include the cost of field improvements thatyou will undertake to make the land ready for cultivation.


Note: Farming investmentsare recurring. To keep the farm running, you will have to maintain it well.


3.   Plan for creating storage facilities on yourfarm:


Make sure there's enough space  on the farm to store farming tools andequipment so that they can be stored in their proper place after each use.

You will also need proper storage to protectyour produce from ground moisture, rain, insects, vermin, moulds, rodents andbirds. If perishable crops will be grown on your farm, you will need coldstorage. .


4.   Make provision for irrigation:


In India, farmers depend a lot on monsoonrains, especially if they are growing water-intensive crops.  Once you have chosen the land and decidedwhich crop to grow, you must install  areliable watering system. You may need to install borewells or tubewells. Whenyou are installing borewell or tubewells, it’s important to choose high qualitycasing pipes that offer 100% leak proof performance without contaminating thewater that is being extracted.


Utkarsh India PVC waterdistribution pipe isideal for extracting clean water from deep and shallow bore wells. Made fromhigh quality raw materials, our PVC water distribution pipe is lead free andresistant to chemical and corrosion.


For sprinkler systems, submersible, jet pumpsor subsoil drainage, you can use our HDPE agriculture pipe that is ideal for above ground, surface,buried and floating applications.  It cancarry potable water, wastewater and slurries. 

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