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How to select a steel tubular poles manufacturer?

The steel tubular poles are widely used for street lighting, traffic signal lighting, signage, power distribution, CCTV surveillance and solar lighting. As they are installed in public areas such as streets, stadiums, roads, bridges and flyovers, it’s important to buy steel tubular poles that are durable and can withstand cyclones and extreme climatic conditions. If you are looking for a steel tubular poles manufacturer, here are some tips that you will find helpful:



1.    Look for manufacturers offering quality products: The term quality stands for ability and willingness of the manufacturer to meet the specifications of the buyer. While many manufacturers may offer lower prices, it is important to make sure that they can provide high-quality products. One of the best ways to check the quality of the steel tubular poles is to ensure that they conform to relevant IS standards.


Steel tubular poles manufactured by Utkarsh India conform to IS – 2713/80 and can withstand torsional stress and harsh winds. They can also withstand  shocks, cyclones, breakages, and all other extreme climatic conditions.






2.    Check the features of the products:

When you are selecting a manufacturer, it’s important to know what product features you are looking for. Some of the common features to look for are:

●      Durability

●      Resistance to corrosion

●      Tolerant to adverse weather conditions

●      Low maintenance

●      Easy to install


3.    Do they offer customisation? If you have a custom requirement, it is important to choose manufacturers that design and manufacture customized steel tubular polesAs a reputed steel tubular poles manufacturer, we design and customize to meet the different demands of architects, engineers and planners.


4.    Always check the certification: In the poles manufacturing industry, quality of products can make or break the business. Product certifications affirm that their steel tubular poles have passed the requisite performance and quality assurance tests. Our Swaged steel tubular poles meet IS 2713/80 (Part 1 to 3) standards and we have certifications from Bureau of Indian Standards and NTPC.


5.    Find out about in-house testing facilities: Good steel tubular poles manufacturers have in-house testing facilities to ensure that each product meets certain quality standards. We have in-house testing facilities to carry out tests such as Drop Test, Deflection Test and Permanent Set Test to ensure that our steel tubular poles meet the expectations and requirements of customers.


Note: Also check the production capacity of the manufacturers.   


6.    Make sure they offer timely delivery: If you're looking for a reputed steel tubular poles manufacturer, one of the things you need to make sure of is that they can deliver the products on time. This is especially important if you have a project that's already behind schedule. A good manufacturer will be able to work with you to ensure that your project stays on track.


7.    Make manufacturers are financially stable: You should do business only with experienced manufacturers having sufficient knowledge and expertise.  They should be in the market for quite some time and should be financially stable. Financial stability is very important if seeking long-term contracts.


Looking for a traffic signal pole manufacturer?  

We, at Utkarsh India, manufacture superior quality steel tubular poles that are used for traffic signals, street lighting, and signages. Our steel tubular poles conform to IS -2713/80 (Part 1 to 3). They are strong and stable to withstand shocks and cyclones. We manufacture 2,50,000 poles per year.



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