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How to Select a High Mast Supplier?

how to select high mast supplier

A high mast pole supports high-intensity lighting for large areas such as  airports, highways, industrial complexes and sports fields. If you are looking for mast suppliers for your next project, it is important that you select the right supplier because it can have a significant impact on various aspects of your operations. When you select the right high mast pole supplier, you can rest assured that the high mast poles are of high quality and can withstand high-speed wind.

Here we discuss some useful tips that can help you select the right  high mast supplier:

1. Know the products offered:

Before you choose a high mast supplier, it is important to know the range of products that a company is offering:

At Utkarsh India, we offer a wide range of high masts, such as:

  • Stadium mast with raising lowering systems

  • Stadium mast with ladder

  • Stadium mast with maintenance platform & detachable man rider arrangement

  • CCTV mast

  • LIGHTING mast

  • Signage mast

  • Flag mast

  • Signage pole

  • Smart pole

  • Solar pole

2. Check the production capacity:

A reputed high mast supplier must have good production capacity. As a reputed high mast supplier, we have the latest CNC operated machines and a team of expert engineers and technicians. As a result, our high mast capacity reaches up to 10,000 units per annum, and our stadium mast ladder can be manufactured up to 60 metres. 

We have the largest production capacity in India with an annual output of 300000 polygonal/octagonal poles for lighting mast. At such large scales, buying our high masts not only ensures quality but also great cost savings for our customers. 

3. Consider experience and expertise:

Once you have identified potential high mast suppliers, it is important to ensure that your list includes companies with the necessary experience and expertise. We are recognised as one of the leading high mast suppliers in India with over 18 years of experience in this domain. Our comprehensive range of high mast & pole products can be seen in numerous places across India, as well as in countries such as Qatar, Nepal, Rwanda, Oman, Togo and Sharjah-UAE. As an established authority within the industry, we have countless satisfied customers across different verticals such as port trust, Indian railways, national highway authorities and various power plants. 

4. Check whether they meet the IS Standards

When selecting a high mast supplier to work with, it's important to make sure that they provide masts that conform to the IS Standards and can withstand weather conditions. At Utkarsh India, we guarantee that all of our high masts meet these requirements. For instance, when it comes to our stadium mast with raising lowering systems, we are BIS licence holders of IS: 2713. Our lighting masts are tested by NSIC( National Small Industries Corp Limited) and our stadium masts with ladders have passed the wind tunnel test conducted by IIT Kanpur. Our stadium masts with maintenance platforms & detachable man rider arrangement have passed the structural stability tests conducted by CSIR Chennai. Also, our CCTV masts have passed the type testing of Winch by IIT Kharagpur.

Our masts stand up to wind speeds up to 300 kmph. Additionally, we ensure that our masts have undergone the 7-tank galvanisation process and are equipped with stainless steel hardware for better durability. 

5. Check the logistics & delivery features:

It is important to check the logistics and delivery features while selecting a high mast supplier. When you choose our product, you can trust that the logistics and delivery are taken care of. We offer quick delivery services over India, ensuring that your orders get to you quickly and safely. We also offer a quality assurance policy at the time of manufacturing so all the products meet customer satisfaction and safety processes are thoroughly followed when dispatching materials. 

6. Check production facilities:

When selecting a high mast pole supplier, you should ensure that they have the capacity to meet your requirements. We have in-house design facilities and testing facilities. For instance, we have spectrometer for chemical analysis and other testing equipment. 

Are you looking for the best high mast supplier?

We are a reputed high mast supplier - our mast lighting poles are available in three point and two point suspension. We understand that high mast lighting poles require an extra emphasis on safety and security - which is why our high mast poles are designed keeping in mind important factors such as wind speed. All trailing cables conform to IS 9968 (P-1) for safety and durability. Also, we provide safety locking rope for high mast safety. If you are interested, contact us for more information.

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