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How to select a column riser pipe manufacturer?

Column riser pipes are mainly used for submersible pumps. At the time of buying column riser pipes, it’s important to choose a reputed manufacturer. Selecting poor quality column riser pipes can cost you dearly in terms of repairs and maintenance. In worst scenarios, plumbing leakages can damage the property. Here we share with you a few tips to choose the right column riser pipe manufacturer: 

  1. Take a look at the past history: When you are selecting a column riser pipe manufacturer, it’s important to do your research. A little bit of homework can help you in the long run. Visit the different manufactures’ websites and read the customer testimonials. The credibility and history of a pipe manufacturer can indicate what to expect.
  2. Know the end application: Before you shortlist manufacturers, it is important that you figure out the product specifications. Some manufacturers may have all types of column riser pipes while others may specialise in a particular type. We, at Utkarsh India, manufacture Column Pipes that are ideal for submersible pumps. Utkarsh Column riser pipe is designed with square threads to provide better fitment /re-fitment.
  3. Check about quality assurance: It can be quite tempting to select the column rise pipe manufacturer that quotes the lowest price. But making your decisions based on this factor may not work for you in the long run. You have to consider different factors. We’ll briefly discuss some:
    • Find out what kind of raw materials they use and from where do they source the material.
    • Find out whether the manufacturer has in-house testing facilities or not.
    • Another important factor to check is the product certification - check whether the selected column riser pipe manufacturers have certifications from different monitoring agencies. It goes without saying that products that undergo several evaluations and tests before they are certified by reputed regulatory agencies are reliable.
  4. Select a manufacturer with sizable production capacity:  If the scale of your project is big, make sure that the manufacturing company you choose can match your needs. Check the production capacity of the manufacturer. Ask them about the minimum and maximum scale of order.
  5. Make sure the pipes are easy to install and use: At the time of selecting a column riser pipe manufacturer, make sure that the products they offer are not only of superior quality but also easy to install. Pipes with a difficult installation process can increase the cost of the project.
  6. Ensure the manufacturer doesn’t use lead: Good column riser manufacturers do not use lead, making the pipes safe to use. Lead contamination is a serious problem and in many countries the use of lead in water pipes has been prohibited. Utkarsh Column riser pipe  pipes are not only lead free but are also made from virgin raw materials and are bacteria proof. As uPVC is immune to galvanic and electrolytic erosion, our pipes do not affect or contaminate water that is being transported.


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