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How to Minimise Distracted Driving? Useful Insights by One of the Leading Crash Barrier Suppliers

Driving a vehicle may look simple but it’s a complex task that requires coordination between multiple mental and physical faculties. Even the smallest of distractions can reduce reaction time, leading to accidents. Distractions could make the motorist take eyes off the road and/or hands off the steering wheel. As one of the reputed crash barrier suppliers, we share tips to minimize distracted driving: 



1.    Motorists should only use phones during emergency situations


According to a study, in India, around 31% of the road traffic accidents happen due to the use of mobile phones while driving. To avoid accidents, motorists should use cell phones only for emergency purposes. To attend emergency calls, motorists must pull over safely to the side. Hands-free devices, be it Bluetooth earpiece or dashboard system, can also be a big distraction as they can cause motorists to miss important visual and audio signals needed to avoid an accident.



2.    Motorists should not drive when tired


If motorists are feeling drowsy, they should pull off the road or let somebody else drive. Drowsiness increases the risk of a crash by multiple-fold. Nodding off or actually falling asleep can lead to serious accidents, whether the motorist is driving a light-duty vehicle or a heavy-duty vehicle.



3.    Motorists should not multitask


While driving, motorists should only concentrate on driving, all other tasks can wait. Many motorists who spend hours in their vehicles, think that the travel time is the perfect time to get little things done. Calling up friends, texting friends and even attending meetings- are some of the activities that motorists should avoid doing. Instead they should focus on the road and vehicles around them.


Also, many motorists think that grabbing a bite while driving can be a time-saver. Eating while driving makes motorists less attentive. Also, food spills can be a major cause of distraction, leading to serious accidents.


Note: Before they start driving, motorists must get everything settled - so that they won’t be disturbed while they are on the road.


3. Motorists must adjust GPS settings before starting their journey


If motorists are driving on an unfamiliar route, they should check out the map or GPS system before starting the vehicle. If they are using the GPS, they must enter the destination and check that it’s right before they leave. It is best to turn up the volume settings so they can listen to the GPS instead of having to watch the screen for directions.


Crash barriers play a significant role in ensuring road safety, traffic control and reducing road fatality. In case of an accident, it prevents the vehicles from falling off the road or flyovers. When used as a centre line divider to segregate two opposing traffic flows, it prevents cross-over collisions. There are many types of crash barriers, some of the most popular ones are:

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●      Thrie Beam Crash Barriers



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