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How to find reputed high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata?

If you are planning to design and install a new lighting system in Kolkata, it’s important that you choose the right high mast pole manufacturers for your project. High mast poles are complex and are used in roadways, ports, and other industrial areas. You need to ensure that the high masts you are using are durable, can withstand high-speed wind and are designed as per industry standards. To help you find reliable high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata that can understand your requirements and deliver the right type of products, here are some useful tips


1.    Understand what you are looking for:


Before you start looking for high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata, understand what you want.  High masts are of different kinds. Do you want a particular type of mast or are you looking for a one-stop manufacturer who can supply different types of high masts? Do you have any specialised requirements and looking for manufacturers that offer high masts that can be customised?


2.   Shortlist companies from manufacturer directories or industry events:


Once you have zeroed in on your requirements, it’s time to find high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata. You can check online manufacturer directories. Often you will find companies that are vetted and reviewed by the team of online directories. You can even attend industry events to meet representatives of good manufacturers.


3.   Ask for referrals:


If you have any connections in the field, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. You can connect with manufacturers and check with them if they fit your requirement.


4.   Shortlist companies by their experience and expertise:


Once you have a created list of manufacturers, shortlist the ones you wish to work with. While shortlisting, make it a point to consider experience and expertise. As a leading high mast supplier in India, we offer a wide range of high mast lighting systems.  We also export high masts to Nepal, Qatar, Oman, Rwanda, Togo, and Sharjah-UAE. We are a trusted supplier for Indian Railways, Port Trust, National Highway, CPWD, PWD and Power Plants and Power Distribution Authorities. To get a quote, fill in your details.



5.    Check production facilities


When you select high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata, you must ensure that they are capable of matching the supply to your requirements. If need be, they should be able to scale up as well. We, at Utkarsh India, have in-house design facilities. We have the production capacity of manufacturing 6,000 Pcs a year.


6.    Products must meet meet industry standards


Make sure that the high mast pole manufacturers in Kolkata you work with make high masts that conforms to IS Standards and can withstand high wind speed and other adverse weather conditions. Our high masts conform to IS Standards. They can be customised to withstand wind up to 300 kmph. Our high masts undergo the 7 tank galvanising process. All the hardware supplied is stainless steel for a better life. They also undergo the wind tunnel test from IIT-Kanpur.

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