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Highlighting The Importance Of High Mast Lighting at Railway Yards

High mast lighting is a type of site light fixture that is commonly used to illuminate large areas in the most efficient and cost-effective way from a very high mounting height. They ate widely used in large public areas like expressways, dockyards, road junctions, toll plazas, warehouses and of course railway yards.

High masts are mounted at considerable heights in order to render uniform illumination to the entire area. While most high-mast lights are high-pressure sodium, other types include mercury vapor, metal halide and LED.

High mast lighting systems are the ideal choice because of their low maintenance cost, durability, high efficiency and uniform light distribution. Well, in this article we are going to talk about the importance of high mast lighting at railway yards. So let’s get started –

• Provides better security – It is needless to mention the fact that railway yards need good security as there are passengers commuting by train throughout the year. Activities like vandalism, graffiti, theft, drug dealing, fire, and acts of terrorism might happen if the railway yards are not properly secured. Ample illumination can reduce the risks of such activities to a great extent.

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• Reduced thefts – Railway yards are always at the risk of theft but with proper illumination theft cases are significantly reduced. The risk of theft is high on railway yards because the thieves have the option to hide in the dark and attack the naïve passengers in the late hours.

• Increased safety – High mast lighting systems can significantly increase the level of safety at railway yards. With ample illumination, it becomes difficult for unauthorised persons to enter the area without getting noticed. Proper illumination done by high mast lighting systems will also help improve the conditions of the passengers especially women, families and children from prowlers who hide in the dark.

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