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Future of Railway Transport in India: Useful Insights by one of the Leading Railway Electrification Structures Suppliers

Indian railways play an important role in the country’s growth. The wide network of rail lines not only connect states and people, but they are heavily relied upon for freight.

The Indian Railways started its operations on April 16, 1853 with The Fairy Queen locomotive  which is even today operational. That being said about the legacy of Indian Railways, more and more innovative steps are being taken to make railway transport in India ‘future ready’.  As a reputed railway electrification structures supplier, we share with you some useful insights on the future of railway transport in India:



1.     Aim to electrify Indian Railways completely


Over the last few decades, several initiatives have been taken to electrify all railway lines. As of now, 80% of broad-gauge routes have been electrified with 25 kV AC electric traction. The aim is to electrify the entire rail network by 2024. This vision is guided by the growing needs to make the railway network eco-friendly, cost-effective and efficient. The target is to become the world’s first net-zero emissions railway by 2030.


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2.     High speed rail connectivity on the cards


The Indian government plans to launch a high-speed rail network across India that will connect Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The corridor connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad has already been approved by the Government. The new high-speed service will use a Japanese Shinkansen system and rolling stock.


3.     Semi-high-speed rail


The government plans to create a semi-high-speed rail network.  It will connect important routes. These trains will run at a speed of 160 km/h, which will be increased to 200 km/h later on. One such semi-high speed that is in operation is the Vande Bharat Express. It runs on two routes. Similar trains will be imported and operated on other routes.



4.     High-speed freight corridors being planned


It would not be wrong to say that Indian Railways is the backbone of the country's logistics sector. It carries more than 1.4 billion tonnes of freight every year. The government plans to create a dedicated freight corridor. It will have six freight corridors connecting the entire country.  Dedicated freight corridors will free the dual use of high demand trunk routes for running more high-speed passenger trains.



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