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Faqs on MS Pipe, Applications and Advantages

A mild steel pipe (MS pipe) has become an essential part of modern infrastructure. It is used in firefighting equipment, HVAC systems, irrigation systems and aircraft�"�s fuel lines and engines. As one of the reputed MS pipe manufacturing companies in India, we have curated some FAQs and their answers on MS pipe, applications, and advantages:

Question: 1 What is an MS pipe?

An MS pipe is made of  mild steel, a durable material that is highly valued in industry and engineering applications where corrosive substances are commonly in use. An MS pipe is preferred for pipelining and tubing because it is mild steel and can be  easily welded and formed in various shapes and sizes. Also, it is corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Question: 2 What are the characteristics of MS pipe?

Some of the characteristics of MS pipes are:

  • MS pipe contains low carbon.

  • It has a high tensile strength

  • It can be readily welded.

  • It is  highly durable.

  • It is  cost-effective. 

Question: 3 What are the applications of MS pipe?

An MS pipe has a wide range of applications in many different industries. 

  • An MS pipe can be used for structural applications.  It can be used for making industrial sheds, bridges, and masts. 

  • In the aerospace industry,  an MS pipe is used for making fuel lines, piping and rocket engines. 

  •  It is also used for constructing scaffoldings and fencing in the construction industry. 

  • It is used in water wells and other irrigation systems in the agriculture sector.  

  • It is used for pipes transferring liquids and gases in HVAC systems. 

Question: 5 What are the advantages of MS pipes?

Some of the advantages of MS pipes are:

  • Ductile: An MS pipe is ductile.  In comparison to other steel pipe varieties, it can be easily moulded into any shape required for the job. This means complex designs and shapes can be fabricated with ease. .

  • Cost-efficient: An MS pipe is a popular choice for tubing in many industries and businesses due to their cost-effectiveness. With their low carbon content and cost-efficient production process, an MS Pipe mild  is often much more budget-friendly than other pipes. 

  • High pressure: When extreme levels of pressure and strength are needed, an MS pipe is the most reliable option. Due to its billet manufacturing process,  an MS pipe is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding excessive pressure from gas, liquid, or a combination of the two. Due to this property, an MS pipe is used in the agriculture and aerospace industries. 

  • Fire resistance: One of the reasons why MS pipe is used in firefighting systems is that it is fire resistant. Mild steel can withstand temperatures up to about 540°C. Not just that, it can also withstand drastic  temperature chances. It can even be used at -25°C.  As it can withstand thermal expansion, it is ideal for HVAC systems. 

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