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FAQs on high mast pole

Utkarsh high mast poles are used extensively for lighting projects and power distribution in India and countries such as Qatar, Nepal, Rwanda and Oman. They are used for roadways, ports and industrial area lighting. If you are a contractor looking for high mast poles, here are some useful FAQs on Utkarsh high mast pole that will help you make an informed decision: 


Question 1: What is the height of a high mast pole?
High mast poles can be of 40 feet to 150 feet, depending on the application. Utkarsh high mast pole lighting systems can be customised as per client specifications.


Question 2: What wind speed can a high mast pole withstand?
Standard masts are suitable for wind speeds of 180 kms/hour. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards, Utkarsh high mast poles can withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3):2015 and can be customised to withstand wind speed up to 300 kmph.

Question 3: What are the different types of high mast poles?
Some of the common types of high mast poles are:

  1. Stadium Mast: They are installed in stadiums, fields and playgrounds for adequate lighting.
  2. Signage mast: These mast poles hold signage at retail stores and other such commercial establishments.
  3. Solar Mast: Solar high mast provides light to an area using solar energy.
  4. High mast lighting poles: It is a type of pole that has a light fixture fixed at the top. They can illuminate large areas such as ports, railways, lanes, docking stations, shipping areas and large parking spaces.


Question 4: What are the factors to consider when buying a high mast pole?

Choosing a high mast pole for a project is an important decision. Therefore, you must keep in some important factors such as:

  1. Wind load capacity: Standard masts are suitable for wind speeds of 180 kms/hour.  However, for coastal locations, the mast pole must be able to withstand  225 kmph. Our mast poles can be customised up to 300 kmph.
  2. Pole height: High mast poles are in various sizes and heights. An engineer must conduct a proper survey to know what is the ideal specifications needed for application.
  3. Mount: High mast poles come with various types of mounts such as direct installation, slip fitter mount, adjustable mount, and universal mount. Choose the kind of mounts that are used according to the application.


Question 5: Why buy Utkarsh high mast pole?
We are among the preferred high mast pole suppliers  for Indian Railway, Port Trust, National Highway and MCDs. We offer a wide range of high mast lighting poles that can be customised as per client needs. Utkarsh mast poles are passed through various testings to adhere to expected requirements and standards. We also provide safety locking rope. Structural design of all orders are checked before production. Utkarsh high mast pole lighting systems can be customised as per client specifications.

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