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Factors Considered Before Selecting Solar Mast for Industries

Solar street light masts are engineered structures that are designed to support single or multiple solar luminaires. These masts may also be used to support roadway signs, banners and CCTV cameras. They are also used for power distribution.

Solar street light masts are versatile and are used across different industries - hence,  there are many factors to be taken into account before selecting solar masts for industries. As a solar street light pole manufacturer, we share with you some important factors to be considered before selecting solar mast for industries:  

  1. Function of solar mast: The primary function of a solar mast is to support the weight of the luminaire. But at the same time, it must resist the wind and other environmental forces that it may encounter during its expected design life. At the time of selecting a solar mast, it is important to understand the operating environment of the mast and an engineering analysis must be done to ensure that the mast is up for the task. Our street light masts are manufactured as per BIS 875 Part III and ILE TR7. This means they can withstand 300 kmph wind speed.

  2. Mounting height: The mounting height of the mast is decided by the number of poles to be installed, the kind and number of luminaires to be mounted. The type of luminaire model is decided by lighting consultants who survey the area that needs to be illuminated. 

  3. Wind speed (in mph): Before a solar mast for industries is selected, it is important to factor in the wind speed that the mast will be exposed to. If the area falls in between two wind zones, the higher value should be considered. We use IIT-approved design software to conduct wind tunnel testing to check the aerodynamic performance of the mast.  The testing checks the solar mastâ€�"�s structural design and the design of the foundation.  

  4. Pole material: Solar mast for industries is made of different materials such as steel, aluminum concrete and cast-iron.  Given the high tensile strength of steel, itâ€�"�s the most common material to be used. We manufacture solar masts for industries using the TATA or SAIL steel. They are hot-dip galvanised in zinc for long lasting life. The zinc is sourced from Hindustan Zinc Ltd. 

  5. Design requirement: Round and square cross-section masts are the most common. However, city planners and urban developers often request for designer masts that are aesthetically appealing. 

  6. Operating conditions: Special consideration must be taken for job sites near coastal areas. Corrosive operating conditions may require solar masts to be applied with extra coating. 

Looking for a Solar Mast for Industries?

As a reputed solar street light pole manufacturer, we offer masts and poles with mounts for solar panels that are engineered as per your customisation. We are the first company in entire eastern India to be BIS Licence holder of IS: 2713. We have over 18 years of experience in  manufacturing high mast  and poles. We are a trusted name in the infrastructure sector because: 

  • We have an in-house facility for designing and customisation. 

  • We have in-house labs for quality testing. 

  • We use IIT-approved design software. We also offer design and drawing support. 

  • We have an all-over India distribution network. We ensure faster delivery as we provide service for logistics and freight service to our customers. 

  • We ensure quality assurance at the time of manufacturing and also follow safety protocols at the time of dispatch. 

  • We also provide after sales service, with a 1-year service. 

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