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Everything You Need To Know About MS Pipe Before Choosing MS Pipe Manufacturer

Guideline to choose a good MS Pipe manufacturers

MS Pipe stands for Mild Steel Pipes, which are used for plumbing, ventilation, and air conditioning. These pipes are known for various industrial and engineering applications. These pipes are mostly installed in places where corrosive fluids are in use. To ensure you purchase good quality MS pipe, you have to pick the right MS pipe manufacturer. But, before we get to that point, here is everything you need to know about MS pipes.

What Are Mild Steel Pipes? 

Mild steel is a low carbon steel pipe, which means it contains a small percentage of carbon content. These pipes have less than 0.25% steel, which makes these pipes easy to use. These pipes are strong, durable, hard, weldable, and much more. The MS pipe manufacturer welds the pipe into any shape or size that makes it suitable for tubing and pipelining purposes.

Advantages Of MS Pipes:


The scrapped mild steel can be reused to make new mild steel pipes. These pipes have magnetic properties, so they can be easily recovered from waste and reused for making new steel pipes. 


Most of the steel pipes are expensive, however, MS pipes differ from it. The carbon content in the pipes enhances its tensile strength and lowers the production cost. This makes it more cost-effective than other metal pipes.


The weldable nature of the mild steel pipes makes it the perfect choice in both works. Also, these pipes can be easily converted into other shapes and sizes, giving extra benefit to the user.


The high-carbon content liberates the steel from wear, tear, and rust. The carburized steel also improves the fatigue strength making it suitable for use in high-pressure pipelines. 


The industries that utilize corrosive fluids incorporate the use of mild steel pipes. Also, these pipes work best in plumbing, HVAC systems, and drinking water supplies.

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MS Pipe Specifications:

● MS Pipe Size: 15NB to 900NB

● MS Pipe Width: 500: 2500 mm

● MS Pipe Length: 500: 10000 mm

● MS Pipe Type: Seamless MS

Features of MS Pipes:

Here are the features of MS pipes that you can purchase from the best MS pipe manufacturer near you.

1. Extremely strong and durable.

2. Has a magnetic nature due to the high percentage of iron and ferrite.

3. Have long-lasting nature, can withstand the conditions for about 100 years or even more. 

4. Affordable rates in comparison to the other steel pipes available in the market. 

5. Low carbon content and can be easily welded. 

6. High tensile strength and easy to fabricate. 

7. Readily available.


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