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Effects of extreme weather on high mast light pole installations

effects of extreme weather on high mast light pole installation

High mast light pole installations are tall, freestanding structures designed to provide efficient and effective lighting for large outdoor areas. These installations typically consist of a tall pole with multiple luminaires mounted at the top. The luminaires are positioned to illuminate a wide area, such as highways, airports, stadiums, parking lots, and industrial complexes. These installations often use advanced lighting technologies, such as LED, which offer energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and better light output compared to conventional lighting sources. They are also designed to withstand various weather conditions and can be equipped with features such as remote monitoring systems and maintenance-friendly designs for efficient operation and maintenance.

Here we discuss how extreme weather conditions such as record-breaking cold temperatures, winter storms, and cyclones can have significant impacts on utility poles, including high mast light pole installations.

➔    Record-breaking cold temperatures can lead to freezing and icing, particularly in regions with sub-zero temperatures. The accumulation of ice and snow on utility poles can increase their weight and strain, potentially causing them to bend, sag, or even collapse. This can result in disruptions to the power supply and pose safety hazards.

➔    Winter storms are often characterised by heavy snowfall, strong winds, and freezing rain. These weather events can affect the vulnerability of the poles. The combined effects of high winds and heavy snow can increase the load on the poles, making them more susceptible to structural damage or failure. Also, freezing rain can create ice coatings on the poles, adding to their weight and compromising their stability.

➔    Continuous and heavy rainfall can result in water pooling around the base of the high mast poles. This can lead to erosion of the surrounding soil, compromising the stability and foundation of the poles. The presence of water can cause the corrosion of metal poles, especially if they are not adequately protected or coated- which can weaken the structural integrity of the poles. In hilly areas, heavy rainfall can cause landslides and soil erosion which can damage or even destroy the high mast poles. Also, it is important to note that severe rain can create electrical hazards for high mast poles. If there are any electrical faults or damage to the wiring or lighting fixtures, the presence of water can increase the risk of short circuits or electrical failures.

➔    Cyclones are accompanied by powerful winds, which can put force on high mast light poles. The high wind speeds can cause the poles to sway, bend, or even collapse if they are not adequately designed to withstand such forces. Cyclones bring powerful winds that can result in severe property damage and transform loose objects into dangerous airborne debris which can collide with high mast poles and cause further damage. In the case of slow-moving cyclones, the extended duration of their presence in a specific area can lead to prolonged periods of intense wind and rainfall, lasting up to 12 hours. This extended exposure to extreme weather conditions heightens the risk of significant damage.

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Utkarsh India offers top-notch high mast pole structures that are well-suited for area lighting purposes. These structures are equipped with a motorised system that enables easy raising and lowering of the lantern carriage to ensure proper maintenance of the light fittings. Our lighting masts are also equipped with a latching device for added convenience.

With over 18 years of extensive expertise, we specialise in manufacturing high mast and polygonal poles. Our in-house facilities encompass design, research and development, and testing, covering raw materials, in-process stages, and finished goods. We conduct periodic type testing of structures and components to ensure compliance with the latest IS (Indian Standard) specifications.

To guarantee structural stability, our designs undergo rigorous assessments. Wind tunnel tests by IIT Kanpur and structural stability tests by CSIR SERC Chennai were conducted in 2022. Additionally, our vetted design software, provided by Jadavpur University in Kolkata, ensures the mast's structural integrity.

We prioritise corrosion protection by providing a durable PU painting on the galvanised surface of the masts. This not only safeguards against corrosive environments but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the structures.

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