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Cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks: useful insights by Utkarsh water tower

Water tanks are mini reservoirs that collect water meant for subsequent use. These water storage tanks are used for residential and commercial consumers. Many large-scale companies and municipal bodies also use water storage tanks. These water tanks are mounted on top of water tank tower structures, To ensure that stored water�"�s quality remains unaffected, the water storage tanks must be well-maintained. Periodic inspection and cleaning preserve the quality of water and ensure the longevity of the water storage tanks. As one of the leading water tank tower structure manufacturers, we share with you some useful insights on cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks:

  1. Inspection must be done at least twice a year: 

Inspection is the first step of the maintenance procedure. The purpose of the inspection is to determine whether any repairs are required or not. Inspection will help the maintenance staff to understand the exact nature and extent of the repair work required.  Although the inspection of water tanks may seem expensive, the cost is insignificant compared to the cost of premature failure of the tank.  

Water storage tanks must be inspected at least twice a year and inspection must include: 

  • Vision inspection of:  

  • Tank exterior 

  • Aboveground piping 

  • Manhole 

  • Foundations 

  • Secondary containment

  • The containment area must be checked for :  

  • Level of standing water 

  • Evidence of leak 

  • Proper functioning of valves and vents

  • Safety precautions

  • Safety equipment in place and operative 

  • Restricted entry signs are placed 

  • Tank system secured to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access

Note: This list is indicative and not exhaustive. 

  1. Prepare the water storage tanks for cleaning: 

Before cleaning is done, it is important to ensure that the structure is properly prepared. The interior and exterior surfaces of water storage tanks must be emptied and any built-up debris, corrosion, and bio-film must be removed using a brush or power washer. 

  1. Carry out repairs: 

Components such as valves and vents should be checked for signs of leakage. If there is any leakage, it should be repaired. Occasional repairs will keep the water storage tank operational. If there are any signs of deterioration on the shells, exterior covers, and ladders, they must be fixed or replaced. 

  1. Paint the water structure to prevent rusting 

Once the tank is clean and repaired, it must be painted. A coat of rust-inhibitive primer should be applied. If the old paint has completely chipped off, the primer coat should be applied on the entire surface.  

  1. Sterilize the water storage tanks: 

Before the tank is put to use again, it must be thoroughly disinfected and chlorinated. Read the manufacturerâ€�"�s instructions regarding the bleaching quality to be used. 

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