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Choosing The Right Pipe For Your Applications

Selecting pipe is a laborious task and it can get overwhelming with so many options available in the market. Each piping material has different strengths and weaknesses and to choose the right one you need to understand its application.

The most common plastic pipes are PVC, CPVC and UPVC. Here are in detail description of each three so you can pick the right one for all your needs.

PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are probably the most common term when we think about pipes. These pipes are ideal for drainage application in residential properties. They can withstand high pressure that's why these are perfect for the main water supply. The PVC pipes can be used for both hot water and cold water supply lines. The PVC pipes are strong, durable, low maintenance and economical.

Common Application Of PVC Pipes: 

• Drainage Lines

• High-pressure applications

• Main water supply lines

Utkarsh India manufactures PVC Casing Pipes & Ribbed Strainers from the high-quality compound and is appropriate for extracting clean water from deep and shallow bore wells which are among the best PVC pipes available.

CPVC Pipes

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin used for hot and cold-water lines. CPVC pipes are heat resistant, they are known as high-temperature pipe materials. CPVC pipes are inherently chemical resistant that makes it suitable for wide range of industrial and commercial application. 

Common Application Of CPVC Pipes: 

• Drainage lines
• Hot water and drinking water lines

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UPVC Pipes

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) pipes lie between PVC and CPVC pipes when it comes to heat resistance. Their biggest benefit is that they are non-reactive. They do not react with the flow inside. This makes them the ideal choice for factories where chemical needs to be moved and where the chemical mustn't react with the material of the pipe. This makes it an ideal choice for factories. These are non-corrosive, so it is helpful in the passing of materials such as crude oil, seawater, and other acidic liquids.

Common Application Of UPVC Pipes:

• Irrigation projects

• Tap water
• Infusion pipes in the chemical industry
• Rainwater 

To sum up, it is essential to understand the virtues that different pipes have as a result of their materials. It is wise to correctly understand and correlate these virtues to your requirements before choosing the pipe that will stay and act as the invisible force behind your water supply. 

As a leading pipe company in India, Utkarsh India manufactures uFLO - "Lead Free" UV Resistant UPVC Pipes & Fittings, making it the most convenient, suitable, and cost-friendly solution for cold-water transportation. uFLO uPVC is manufactured with the best sourced raw materials and adapted to international standards. Water fitting pipes are Easy Installation, Light Weight to Carry, Optimum Flow Rate with Minimum Clogging.

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