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Check these road safety tips for heavy vehicle drivers curated by one of the leading crash barrier manufacturers

Road safety is a critical issue for all drivers, but it is especially important for those who operate heavy vehicles. Due to their size and weight, heavy vehicles can cause serious damage. Accidents involving heavy vehicles are often severe and result in serious injuries and even fatalities. That is why heavy vehicle drivers need to follow all the necessary safety precautions while driving. As one of the leading crash barrier manufacturers, we share a few road safety tips for heavy vehicle drivers:

1. Heavy vehicle drivers must stick to speed limits

Heavy vehicle drivers must stick to the speed limit. Exceeding the speed limit is not only against the law but can also jeopardise the safety of the drivers and others on the road.  As heavy vehicles need time and distance to come to a halt, it's important for drivers to drive within the speed limit. This becomes all the more important if the weather conditions are adverse. For instance, driving slowly on slippery roads can help heavy vehicle drivers avoid heavy braking and prevent ramming into other vehicles.

2. Heavy vehicle drivers must wear a safety belt while driving

Wearing a safety belt is important for all drivers.  In case of an accident, wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of a fatal accident. Heavy vehicle drivers must ensure that seat belts are secured properly. Seat belts that are loose or are not properly positioned can significantly increase the risk of injury, in case of an accident. 

2. Drivers should keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Heavy vehicle drivers must keep a safe distance from other vehicles. This will give drivers enough time to stop if necessary and help them avoid any potential accidents.

3. Heavy vehicle drivers must not drink and drive

Drinking and driving is against the law. Alcohol impairs drivers’ judgement, reaction time and coordination. According to a government report,  drunk driving is among the leading causes of road accidents in India.

4. Heavy vehicle drivers must maintain the vehicle in good condition

Heavy vehicle drivers must ensure that their vehicles are in good condition. This means regularly checking the tyres, brakes, lights, and other parts of the vehicle to ensure they are all in working order.

5. Practise defensive driving

Heavy vehicle drivers need to be extra vigilant on the roads. Defensive driving is a proactive approach to driving that anticipates hazards and reduces the risk of accidents. It involves being aware of the surroundings and anticipating what other road users might do.

Here are some defensive driving tips for heavy vehicle drivers:

  • Heavy vehicle drivers must be aware of their blind spots. Make sure the driver checks mirrors regularly to know what's happening around them. 
  • They should leave plenty of space between their vehicles and others on the road. This way they will get space and time to apply brakes, when required.
  • Drivers should always be ready to apply brakes if the traffic slows down or stops unexpectedly.
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