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Best Quality PVC Casing Pipe for Domestic Borewell

Best quality pvc casing pipe for domestic borewell

Polyvinyl chloride pipes also known as PVC pipes have become the ultimate choice for borewell. We at Utkarsh India Limited as being one of the leaders in the pipe manufacturing industry provides our customer with a variety of range of PVC casing pipes such as casing medium, casing shallow, and casing deep pipes as per the requirement of the customer in different depth of borewell developments. Considered among the best PVC casing pipes for borewells, we produce PVC casing pipes that have high superiority threaded joints and have anti-corrosive properties.

Why should you choose PVC casing pipes for domestic borewells? 


  • Perfect for various Plumbing applications – PVC casing pipes can be used for various plumbing purposes because they can easily maintain the hydrostatic collapse pressure, hence making them an ideal choice for borewell projects. These pipes also can withstand changing water pressure and harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for irrigation, domestic and industrial applications, the PVC casing pipes for domestic borewell are a better alternative to cement, asbestos, and SS pipes. In addition to that these pipes are resistant to corrosion from violent chemicals present in the soil.


  • Acts as an Insulator - PVC casing pipes are non-conductive to electricity, hence eliminating the chance of electrochemical reactions. Further to that these pipes provide good resistance to chemicals and are immune to electrolytic and galvanic erosion. These pipes are safe to be applied to alkaline, acidic, dry, or wet conditions without any requirement for protective coating.


  • Superior durability – Unlike conventional metal pipes, PVC casing pipes are corrosion resistant. In addition to that best quality PVC casing pipes do not react to harsh industrial chemicals. Hence PVC casing pipes last longer than metal casing pipes. Their reliability and durability have made them the ultimate choice for all borewell developments. Following that PVC casing pipes are versatile as well.


  • User Friendly – Installation and Usertransportation are the main matter of discussion when it comes to choosing the best PVC casing pipes for borewell projects. PVC casing pipes have considerably less weight when compared to metal pipes or metal piping materials. This helps with easy transportation and better installation of PVC casing pipes without much hassle. PVC casing pipes come in various ranges which provides the customer with an advantage to fulfill their requirements following their borewell project. The lightweight PVC casing pipes ensure lowering the cost of installation, maintenance, shipping, and labor. 

At Utkarsh India Limited, we offer our customers a wide range of PVC casing pipes that fulfill all the above features from being user-friendly, durable, non-conductive to being the perfect material for various Plumbing applications. Our PVC casing pipes come in various dimensions that meets all the chemical properties as per different testing results such as density test, resistance to external blow at zero-degree Contest, effect on the water test, Vicat softening temperature test, and tensile strength test. 

For more information regarding PVC casing pipes, contact Utkarsh India Limited a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end engineering products and services in the infrastructure, agriculture, and domestic water piping industry at https://utkarshindia.in/

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