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Benefits of metal beam crash barriers on vehicle occupants

benefits of metal beam crash barriers

Road safety is a significant concern for authorities, with particular focus being placed on preventing or minimising damage in vehicular accidents. Often, the vehicle occupants face significant risk of serious injury or even death during such road crashes. This is where a metal beam crash barrier is so beneficial. These protective barriers, placed on the side of roads can limit the severity of accidents while driving and keep occupants relatively safe. Here, we share some of the major benefits of installing these barriers for vehicle occupants.



1. Reduced injury severity:


These barriers are engineered to absorb the force of high-speed collisions. By distributing the impact across their structure, they lessen the force exerted on vehicle occupants. This design greatly reduces the likelihood of severe or fatal injuries.


2. Keeping vehicles within road boundaries:


Metal beam crash barriers prevent vehicles from straying off the road due to driver error, loss of control, or other factors. They are particularly effective in stopping vehicles from going down steep embankments or accidentally crossing into oncoming traffic lanes, thus preventing severe head-on collisions.


3. Maintaining vehicle trajectory during accidents:


In the event of a crash, these barriers help to keep the vehicle on its intended path. This stability is crucial for preventing further loss of control, vehicle rollovers, or secondary collisions with other vehicles on the road. This not only benefits the occupants of the crashing vehicle but also enhances overall road safety for other users.


4. Enhanced visibility:


Many of these barriers are coated with reflective paint or materials, making them more visible in low light or adverse weather conditions. This increased visibility helps guide drivers and clearly mark the limits of the road, reducing accident risk due to poor visibility. Such proactive safety measures enable drivers to better foresee and respond to road conditions.



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We are the sole Indian company to have successfully conducted real-time crash tests on our barriers, achieving success on the first attempt. Also, we are the only company from India to export crash barriers to several European countries. The crash tests for Utkarsh barriers were carried out at NATRAX in Nagpur, adhering to the EN1317 standards while conforming to IRC design standards. Also, we have a European design for our crash barriers, which has been tested and approved by CSI Europe and is licensed for their use.

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