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Applications of steel pipes: useful insights by one of the leading steel pipe fittings manufacturers in Kolkata

Application of steel pipes

Steel tubes and pipes are durable, rust resistant and easy to install. This is why they are a top choice in many industries. As one of the leading steel pipe fittings manufacturers in Kolkata, we share with you some common applications of steel pipes and tubes:

  1. Plumbing: Since steel pipes are strong and durable, they are used underground for transporting water. The anti-corrosive property of steel pipes makes it ideal for carrying potable and non-potable water. Moreover, unlike iron pipes, the exterior of steel pipes do not deteriorate when exposed to soil and UV rays. High quality steel pipes are low maintenance and don't need to be replaced too often as they are corrosion-resistant. 

  2. Aerospace: Steel pipes and tubes are widely used in the aerospace industry in fuel lines, piping and rocket engines. In the aerospace industry, steel is preferred over other metals and alloys because it can withstand pressure and deformation. 

  3. HVAC: It would not be wrong to say that steel pipes are an integral part of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) industry. Steel pipes are commonly used for transferring liquids and gases in HVAC systems. Steel pipes are preferred over other pipes because they can withstand thermal expansion.  They can also withstand drastic temperature changes.

  4. Agriculture: The agriculture industry heavily relies on steel pipes for various purposes. Due to its durability and ability to withstand pressure, steel pipes are used in water wells and other irrigation systems. Steel pipes are used in field drainage systems and vent pipe systems.

  5. Street lighting: Steel pipes are used in the manufacturing of Swaged Steel Tubular Poles. Swaged steel tubular poles are designed for power distribution, illumination, signage and other diverse needs. Steel pipes are used in tubular poles as they have the strength and stability to withstand torsional stress offering wind resistance. 

Utkarsh India steel pipes and tubes are used for a wide range of applications, including the ones mentioned above. Our steel pipes and tubes are approved from BHEL, PHE, and PWD. 

Looking for steel pipe fittings and steel tubes?

As one of the leading steel pipe fittings manufacturers in Kolkata, we offer steel tubes and pipes, MS pipes, ERW black and GI pipes, square and rectangular hollow sections. Our products conform to national and international standards and are duly approved by inspecting and certification authorities such as SGS, CE, DNV, BVQI and TUV. 

We are a trusted name in the infrastructure industry because: 

  • We manufacture 1,20,000 MT every year 

  • Our MS & Galvanised pipes are manufactured under one roof. 

  • We use HR Coil used from SAIL & TATA and Zinc is used from Hindustan Zinc Limited as raw material for its GI and MS pipes products.

  • Our products comply with all IS licenses such as IS 1239, IS 3601, IS 1161 and IS 3589.

  • We export MS pipes in 17+ countries

  • We offer pipes in size ranging from ½” to 16”. We also manufacture pipes with larger diameter that go up to 400 MM NB.

  • We use high grade zinc for galvanization from Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

  • Timely delivery of material is one of our core strengths

  • We follow 7 bath technique for galvanising 

  • We have ready stock available. 

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