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Applications and Benefits of Using High Mast Lighting

Applications and Benefits of Using High Mast Lighting

High Mast Lighting Systems, also known as HMLs, are usually used to provide light to large areas like large warehouses, shipyards, highways, parking lots, stadiums, etc. High mast lights are usually installed on 40ft-150ft tall poles and four to six lights are installed on each pole. High mast lighting is one of the most preferred ways of illuminating big areas. These lights are mounted on considerable heights to illuminate large areas uniformly.

Common Advantages of High Mast Lighting Systems

·        Energy Costs – It is quite obvious that large areas require a higher light output to illuminate the entire area uniformly. Itis true that high mast lighting solutions conventionally use lamps or halogens of high wattage which leads to an increase in electricity bills. But with the introduction of LEDs, the energy cost has gone down considerably. This is because LEDs prove to be more cost and energy-efficient in the long run.

·        Maintenance cost – High mast LED lighting brings down the maintenance cost as they have a longer life. The lifetime of good quality LED fixture is usually more than 50,000 hours.

·        Lighting Performance - The lighting performance is one of the crucial parameters that you need to consider before deciding on buying a high mast lighting system. High mast LED lighting systems provide great illumination, don’t emit heat or infra-red light and consume less electricity which makes them energy efficient as well.

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What makes Utkarsh India one of the leading high mast lighting pole manufacturers in India?

Utkarsh India offers a wide range of High Mast poles, which can be customized as per client requirements. The poles are manufactured conforming to IS Standards and can withstand wind speed up to 300Kmph. Here are some of the factors which makes us a premier high mast light pole manufacturer in India –

·        In-house design facilities (Structural &Foundation) with PLS/Special Software (Validate from IIT-Kharagpur)

·        Available in three-point as well as two-point suspension.

·        Rust-free electroplated rope drum, sprocket and torque limiter.

·        Rope drum of the winch has one left hand and another right-hand groove for better alignment of the ring

·        Available in both detachable arm and fixed armLantern Ring.

·        7 tanks galvanising process for better adhesion and uniformity.

·        All testing facilities are available in plants including Spectrometer for chemical analysis.

·        All Trailing cables conform to IS 9968 (P-1) for safety and durability.

·        All the hardware supplied is stainless steel which ensures a better life.

·        Our head frame has a stainless steel axle with an anti-rotation clamp to prevent damage to the axle and stainless steel guide roller for smooth rolling of cable and rope.

·        Heavy-duty drive chain (1/2 inch pitch) for lifting the ring.

·        We provide safety locking rope for high mast safety.

·        We provide double safety protection of motor(one mechanical and one electrical)

·        Optionally, we provide an anti-theft nut for foundation bolt with a specially developed wrench for High mast.

·        HDPE buffer arrangement for Lantern Ring.

·        All winch & motor tested with proper load before dispatch.

·        Structural design is checked for all orders before production.

·        Wind tunnel test is conducted from IIT-Kanpur.


Utkarsh India, being a leading high mast light pole manufacturer in the country, we have supplied our products to Indian Railway, National Highway, Refineries and Oil Sector, Military Engineering Service, Steel Plants, etc. 

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