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Applications and advantages of SWR pipe fittings

applications and advantages of SWR Pipe fittings

SWR stands for 'Soil, Waste and Rain', this means these pipes are used for waste removal. SWR pipes and  fittings are used across industries - they are used in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Here we share with you applications and advantages of SWR pipes and fittings:

Application of SWR pipes and fittings:

SWR pipes are used for non-pressure plumbing applications. They are used in houses, hotels, resorts and hospitals to remove waste water. As SWR pipes are fire-resistant, they are used in industrial sectors for transporting and carrying chemical bi-products and hazardous chemicals and industrial liquid waste. Food and chemical sectors heavily rely on SWR pipes for transporting chemicals and waste.  

SWR pipe fittings join two or more pipes together. The purpose of fittings is to divert the flow direction of the pipe. SWR pipe fittings come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Advantages of SWR pipes and fittings

  1. They are chemical and bacterial resistant:  One of the reasons why SWR pipes are used for waste removal is that they are resistant to chemicals,  bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. This reduces the chances of the pipes getting affected when exposed to hazardous chemicals and industrial waste. 

  2. They are corrosion resistant: When exposed to hazardous chemicals and industrial waste, ordinary pipes rust or corrode, leading to cracks. But as SWR pipes and fittings offer outstanding corrosion resistance,  they do not rust or corrode, offering a leak-free performance. 

  3. They are fire resistant: In commercial and residential sectors, fire safety is a major concern. Attempts are made to ensure to choose materials that are fire resistant. In the plumbing system, SWR pipes are used as they are not only fire resistant but also self-extinguishing. 

  4. They are easy to install: When it comes to installing SWR pipes and fittings, the process is quick and smooth. The entire process can be carried out manually without the need of any special equipment. As SWR pipes and fittings are lightweight, they can be transported at reasonable cost.

  5. They ensure smooth flow rate:  The inner surface of good quality pipes SWR pipes and fittings like ours are mirror-smooth, offering smooth flow rate. It also prevents clogging and drain choke-ups. 

  6. They are cost-effective: As SWR pipes and fittings are lightweight, they do not incur heavy installation and transportation cost. Unlike other pipes, they do not corrode, this reduces the need for frequent repair and maintenance, making it a cost-effective option. 

Looking for a SWR pipe fitting manufacturer in India?

We are a reputed SWR pipe fitting manufacturer in India. Our products are manufactured with the highest degree of dimensional accuracy to ensure a high flow rate of water. We recently introduced leakproof gold seals in the SWR pipes and fittings.  The gold seal is designed to permanently be positioned, unlike conventional rubber rings which come out during fitment. Utkarsh leakproof gold seals are tested for their durability and strength. To know more about our SWR pipe and fittings, contact us.

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