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An insight into Utkarsh high mast poles: What makes them stand out ?

Utkarsh High Masts and Steel Poles what makes them stand out

High mast poles are tall, freestanding structures designed to hold high-powered lamps and provide consistent lighting across extensive areas. Our high mast poles are of superior quality and are used for diverse applications. Here, we share some of the useful insights into our high mast poles:



1. In-house manufacturing and design capability:


Our annual production capacity stands at 300,000 units for polygonal poles and 12,000 units for high masts. We use cutting-edge software validated by IIT- Kharagpur to create optimised structural and foundation designs specifically for high mast lighting projects. This ensures the poles are strong, stable, and can withstand demanding environments. We use rust-free components throughout the pole. This includes electroplated rope drums, sprockets, and torque limiters, all designed to resist corrosion and ensure smooth operation for years to come. Our winch's rope drum features grooves on both sides, promoting precise and consistent ring alignment during operation. We understand that project needs vary. That's why we offer lantern rings in both detachable arm and fixed arm configurations which helps you choose the most suitable design for your specific application.



2. High-quality raw materials used:


We use only top-quality raw materials from renowned brands such as TATA and SAIL steel to manufacture poles that meet high standards. Every product we offer undergoes a meticulous hot-dip galvanization process, using Zinc sourced only from Hindustan Zinc.



3. Comprehensive testing:


Our in-house labs use spectrometers for in-depth chemical analysis of materials used in trailing cables. This ensures they meet the exact specifications for safety and durability outlined in the stringent IS9968 (P-1) standards. Before delivery, all winches and motors undergo demanding tests with appropriate loads. Our high masts are subjected to wind tunnel testing at IIT-Kanpur. This comprehensive testing ensures the masts can withstand various wind conditions, providing long-term stability and safety.



4. Impressive logistics and delivery network:


Our extensive network ensures that high mast light poles reach your site efficiently, often ahead of schedule. This minimises project delays and gets your lighting up and running sooner. Our commitment extends beyond the sale. We provide after-sales service, guaranteeing you have the support you need to ensure a smooth installation and continued operation. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.



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