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All About A Thrie Beam Crash Barrier And Its Specifications

all about thrie beam crash barrier and its specifications

The importance of a metal crash barrier will never be realized until it someday saves our life.

They are created to prevent major accidents when vehicles lose their balance and run off the road or roll down high embankments. In the unfortunate event of an accident, a metal crash barrier contains, redirects, or absorbs the impact energy of the hitting vehicle and guides the automobile back on the road. Consequently, the severity of the accident, damage to the vehicle as well as the barrier, and the force experienced by the vehicle occupants is minimized to a tolerable limit.

A Metal CrashBarrier is installed in accident-prone locations such as highways, flyovers& bridges, rocky areas, hilly terrain, high embankments, test tracks in the automobile industry, mass housing complexes/townships, airports, railway stations, and parking lots.

The excellent visibility of a metal crash barrier highlights the limit of safe travel, especially at night or in fog conditions. That is why a metal crash barrier proves to be beneficial for drivers venturing out late at night. 

Utkarsh India deals in all types of W Beam Crash Barriers, Thrie Beam Crash Barriers, and related components, as well as anchorage systems.

In today’s blog, we will throw some light on Thrie Beam Crash Barriers - what they are and their specifications. So stay tuned.

What is a Thrie Beam Crash Barrier?

A Thrie beam crash barrier has three waves. Compared to two-wave-shaped products, a three-beam crash barrier has a more durable construction and higher impact endurance.

Now let's have a quick look at some of the typical specifications of a Thrie Beam CrashBarrier -

=> The Thrie Beam Crash Barrier comprises a steel post and a 3mm thick rail element.

=> The steel post and the spacer are 75mm x 150mm and 5mm thick.

=> The rail sits at 85cm off the ground and is driven into the ground to a length of 1150 mm.

=> The design conforms to the Indian (MORTH - Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), American (AASHTO M180), Euronorm (EN 1317 - 1&2), Indian Road Congress (IRC) specifications.

=> Manufactured using the Cold Roll Forming Technology with multiple roll forming stations ensuring greater strength due to grain reorientation as compared to the normal press-formed sections. 

=> Raw Material used is ST - 42/IS 5986 FE 410/510-grade steel sourced from leading trusted brands like SAIL, TATA, and Hindustan Zinc

=> All the steel components and fasteners are galvanized by the hot-dip process of high-grade zinc coating (550 GSM minimum)


We at UtkarshIndia take pride in being the go-to supplier for leading infrastructure and EPC contractors. Hence, we very well understand our responsibility to manufacture nothing but the best quality and the most durable crash barrier systems. 

While our Thrie Beam Crash Barrier meets the industry standards and certified specifications, they are customizable as per the customer requirements to meet the needs of almost any project. 

If you want to avail of our exclusive range of metal crash barriers or have any questions to ask, feel free to contact us. 

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