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Agricultural Applications Of PVC Pipes

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Before we turn to the details of the use of PVC pipes in the agricultural industry, let's first recall that India ranks second worldwide in agriculture production, is the world's largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables, and ranks second in wheat and rice production. All these facts prove that agriculture is of paramount importance in the country as it generates nearly 16 percent of the GDP. Thus, much of the infrastructure and equipment in the agriculture sector is crucial to its efficient functioning.

The agricultural sector relies heavily on drainage and irrigation channels made of PVC pipes and fittings. Rigidly built PVC pipes are essential when the soil is deficient in absorption capacity or when water levels are high due to salinity levels on the land. This is because PVC pipes have a smooth lining that ensures water travels smoothly to its intended destination with a minimum of clogging as compared to pipes made out of similar materials like copper and clay.

With all of that in mind, let us move straight to the core of this blog.

Use of PVC Pipes in Agricultural Industry

Below are just some of the ways to use PVC pipes in your agricultural facility:

PVC Sprinklers

Large-scale water supply systems rely heavily on PVC pipes. They can be mounted aboveground and linked to the main water source and sprinklers. When buried as deep as 10",  ¾” PVC pipes make excellent irrigation laterals.

Drip Irrigation

A popular watering method, drip irrigation involves punching holes through the hose to control the flow of water. Its popularity stems from the fact that it provides sustainability to your agricultural facility by conserving water. This framework is perfect for little-to-medium-sized gardens and enables each plant inside that region to get an unfaltering stock of water delivered to the roots. Using PVC pipes in this system is feasible because they're flexible, so they won't tear once they've been punctured.

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Vertical Garden

There are various ways of forming a vertical garden using different sizes of PVC pipes.  A small PVC pipe with an irrigation line is inserted inside a larger PVC pipe with the pot of soil and the plants.

Hydroponic garden

Water is supplemented with nutrients to support seedling growth in hydroponic gardens. It is also referred to as an active system and is a type of hydroponic farming that reliably produces more while conserving water. PVC pipes hold plants in mid-air, and water containing nutrients flow through the pipes continuously. Since PVC pipes are lightweight and lack toxicity, they are apt for this system.

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Final words

Many agriculture facilities utilize agriculture PVC pipes and fittings as water delivery systems. Their corrosion resistance and ability to stabilize UV rays make them an ideal choice for any farming operation. PVC pipes play a crucial role in large-scale agricultural facilities because they make irrigation more sustainable and efficient. Small agricultural spaces or even home gardens can be irrigated using PVC pipes.

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