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Advantages Of Using UPVC Pipes At Home Or Office

advantages of using UPVC Pipes at home or office

UPVC pipes serve as a low-cost plumbing material when it comes to building an office or home. It is a material known to have a high tensile and impact strength, making it sturdier and giving it longevity. UPVC pipes are used for the distribution of water in bathrooms, kitchens, overhead tanks and tube wells located in housing complexes and office buildings. UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which makes it a low maintenance material, hence it is one of the most widely used materials for plumbing construction.

When should you use UPVC Pipes?

UPVC pipes are used for water distribution when it comes to plumbing construction and can be used for domestic purposes as well as commercial purposes. The best part about UPVC is that it has low maintenance requirements and does not require any sort of painting or sealing during its lifetime. It does not rust or corrode easily, making it a very strong material for water distribution systems like overhead tanks, underground tanks and tube wells.

When it comes to making a decision that is the best for your home or office it is advisable to look for materials that fit in your budget, is of the best quality, gives high durability and reduce the hassle of regular maintenance.

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What are the advantages of using UPVC pipes at home or office?

UPVC pipes come with a host of advantages, which is why they have become the gold standard when it comes to plumbing work. Let us now take a look at some of the advantages of using UPVC pipes at home or office.


One of the factors that make UPVC pipes an absolute favourite is that it requires zero metalwork for welding when it comes to their joints. UPVC pipes are available in various lengths, which makes it easier to avoid or minimise joints, that can later become potential points of leakage. Most joints that are required in UPVC pipes can be sealed with solvent cement.


UPVC pipes are lightweight and cost-effective. They are easier to transport, handle and install, as compared to metal pipes. Thus, further reducing the cost implications.

Maximum water flow

UPVC pipes come with a smoothened inside surface that allows the flow of water through them to be at its maximum speed. This ensures the free flow of water, guaranteeing a smooth supply.

Durability and strength

With a high tensile and impact strength, UPVC pipes are known to last longer, have excellent bendability, be rustproof and are UV resistant which gives them long-lasting shelf life. Its flexibility also allows it to be one of the easiest to handle materials during construction.

Non-toxic material

When it comes to installing pipes for water usage, one factor that comes into the minds of users is the toxicity of the material. In other words, will the material leach toxic components into the water. Given the make of the pipes, they are non-toxic and non-reactive, making them a safe option for plumping in homes and offices.

These are some advantages of using UPVC pipes, to consider when you are building your home or office space. Check out Utkarsh India’s offerings in UPVC pipes category to find the right fit.

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