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Installation And Maintenance Process Of High Mast Lighting Pole

installation and maintenance process of high mast lighting pole

Along major highways, or on the cross-sectional roads, high mast poles are luminaire pole structures that are seen every 100-200m. These poles are manufactured from stainless steel, to enhance the strength, ductility property, and wear resistance. However, to prevent the issue of fatigue and reduce wear and tear of the poles, it is important to have proper installation and maintenance of the poles.

Process of Installation of High Mast Poles

Preparing The Mast For Installation

Before installation of high mast poles, it is important to check all accessories are at the erection site or not. Check the pitch circle diameter (PCD) and diameter of the foundation bolts for installation.

The bottom section and middle section of the pole are laid on the round wooden block. The middle section is then inserted into the bottom section keeping a distance of 20mm. The chain pulley block is fixed at the base plate of the mast, after that the pulley is fixed with the flange and the hook is fixed with the top end. After that, all sections are pulled by the chain block.

Mast Head Assembly

The head frame of the high mast poles is fitted with wire ropes and cables inserted inside the mast with the help of nylon rope. The nylon rope is inserted in the longitudinal section of the pole during the assembly of other sections.

The wire ropes and cables are passed onto the pulleys of the head frame. The pulley is a non-corrodible material that has a self-lubricating brush bearing attached with a stainless steel spindle of a diameter appropriate with rope and cables. When the wire and ropes are passed on the pulley, it is attached to the stopper clamp that is welded on the base section of the mast.

The poles have either three-point suspension or two-point suspension. In the case of three-point suspension, a part of the cable pulley of the heard frame assembly arrangement is kept behind the door side, while in tow-point suspension both pulley arrangement of the head frame is kept on the sides of the door.

Foundation Bolt Assembly

To ensure the foundation of the poles is right and it does not fall over during harsh weather conditions, it is necessary to have proper foundation assembly. As foundation bolts are important for structural safety, it is critical to check whether or not the bolt threads are greased and cleaned. The nuts are fixed 15mm above the ground at the same height to ensure nuts are in one place.

Elevation Of Assemble Mast

After assembling each part of the mast carefully, and checking the nuts and bolts of the mast, the final point is to elevate the structure above the ground. The center of gravity is determined and a sling is placed in that position. A straining of rope with shackles is secured with the sling to adjust the crane hook with it. Finally, the assembled mast is lifted.

Electrical System

At the masthead, cables are attached to the lantern carriage. This is fitted with luminaires, CG box, and junction box.

Maintenance of High Mast Poles

Periodic maintenance of Utkarsh's high mast poles is vital for preventing any damage. Here are some of the checkboxes for regular maintenance of the high mast poles.

1. The feeder pillar box has to be checked for any loose wire connection, flash marks, and heated parts.

2. The door of high mast poles has to be opened and cleaned regularly.

3. If any flash marks are found then light load and lose connection to be checked.

4. Luminaire box, control gear, and junction to be tightened adequately.

5. All screws and nuts have to be checked regularly.

6. Gearbox oil must be checked frequently, it must be replaced with new oil every year.

7. Motor chains and sprockets have to be checked, it should neither be too loose nor too tight.


High mast poles are the illuminating structures that are functional in providing appropriate light at night. Proper installation and maintenance decrease the risk of damage to the poles.

Utkarsh India Limited is a leading name in the high mast pole manufacturers. With in-house testing facilities and CNC-operated machines, Utkarsh India is the invisible force behind street illumination.

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