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6 useful insights on HDPE pipes

HDPE pipes are made of high-density polyethylene, which is a type of plastic known for its durability, strength and corrosion resistance. HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) fittings and pipes are widely used for industrial applications. Also, they are used for sewer piping systems and municipal and industrial water application. If you are planning to buy HDPE PLB duct pipe, here are some useful insights on HDPE pipes: 

1. HDPE pipes are strong and durable: These pipes are made from HDPE - a type of plastic pipe that is known for its strength and durability. HDPE is a tough, resilient material that can withstand high pressure and temperatures. These are used in a variety of applications, including sewage, water supply and drainage. HDPE pipes are less likely to break or leak than other types of pipes, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications. 

2. Low operational and installation costs:  As ordinary metal pipes corrode easily, they require frequent repairs. HDPE pipes do not corrode or rust. This means there is no need for frequent repairs and maintenance. Installation costs are also lower than metal pipes. As HDPE pipes are lightweight, the transportation cost is not too much. Also, there is no need for special tools to install HDPE pipes.

3. Corrosion and chemical resistance: As HDPE pipes are corrosion and chemical resistant, they are used for potable water supply systems and rising main and distribution lines. They are also suitable for lifting and surface irrigation systems.

4. Ideal for earthquake-prone areas: In comparison to ordinary pipes, HDPE pipes are flexible. They can be bent to a radius 25 times more than a normal pipe. This property of HDPE pipes makes them suitable to be installed in earth-quake-prone areas.

5. Leakpoorf joint: HDPE pipes and fittings are joined by heat, this results in a permanent leak free system. While ordinary pipes are susceptible to cracks, HDPE pipes offer trouble-free performance.

6. Environment friendly: HDPE pipes are environment friendly as they are non-toxic and recyclable. HDPE is recyclable. Instead of being sent to landfill sites, HDPE can be recycled to make pipes and fittings for non-pressure applications.

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