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6 things to know about Utkarsh Water Tank

Utkarsh water tanks are increasingly being adopted for water storage purposes. Manufactured using the roto-moulding technique, our tanks adhere to strict Indian and global standards, establishing them as a benchmark for dependability. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to several advantages they offer over traditional storage solutions.Here discuss 6 insights on Utkarsh water tanks:



1. Food-grade material use


Food-grade materials are used to manufacture Utkarsh water tanks - as a result, the interior of the tanks are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Hence, water is stored safely for consumption. Because food-grade materials comply with health and safety standards, users can store large quantities of drinking water for emergency use.


2. Resistance from bacteria, algae and fungus


When water is stored in standard tanks, it's susceptible to contamination from bacteria and algae. Also, the damp environment inside these tanks can foster fungal growth. This creates a setting ideal for harmful microbes, and consuming water from such tanks can pose significant health risks, potentially leading to hospitalisation. In contrast, Utkarsh water tanks are anti-fungus, anti-micro-bacterial, and anti-algae. It ensures that users not only get chemical-free water but also water devoid of harmful microbes.


3. 100% UV protected


Tanks need UV protection to ensure long-term durability. Since such tanks are generally kept out in the open, the UV rays from sunlight can adversely affect them. Without proper UV protection in place, the tanks become brittle and may even crack after a short duration. However, Utkarsh water tanks come with 100% UV protection. This ensures they maintain their structural integrity even when kept out in the sun for years.


4. Different types of water tanks


We stock different variants of tanks. Here is a look at them -


  1. - Ujjal: This is our three-layer tank, which comes with antimicrobial protection.
  2. - U-Safe: This comes with 4 layers and antimicrobial protection.
  3. - U-Safe Plus: This is a 4 layer insulated foam tank with antimicrobial protection.

All three variants are available in attractive colours such as Aqua Green, True Blue and Brilliant White.


5. Easy to install


Utkarsh water tanks are designed with user convenience in mind and are incredibly easy to install.


6. 10 years warranty


We offer a 10-year warranty on each unit. This ensures buyers get the support they need on the off chance they face issues with one of the tanks.


Looking for high-quality water storage tanks?


Explore our water tanks. Utkarsh water tanks feature a specially engineered six-shoulder design for superior compressive strength. You can find tanks in various sizes, such as 500, 750 and 1000 litres. The strong material used ensures that our tanks have reduced bulging even when at full capacity. This feature also means that the tanks have minimal chances of bursting. Water is often referred to as the "elixir of life" due to its essential role in sustaining life on Earth. Our water tanks play a crucial role in ensuring that this precious resource is stored safely and efficiently.

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