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5 things that drivers should never do on highways

For many, there’s nothing like hitting the open roads on a highway. But driving on the highway can be dangerous as driving on the local roads isn’t the same as driving on the interstate roads. Moreover, in India, road conditions can be unpredictable. Therefore, drivers must be even more cautious while driving on highways. As one of the reputed highway crash barriers manufacturers we share with 5 things that drivers should never do on highways:




1.    Not staying within speed limits

Speed is one of the most common reasons for accidents on highways. It is easier to maintain high speeds on highways because roads are wider and traffic is generally light. However, driving at a high speed can be dangerous especially on highways that have many curves. It is for this reason there are set speed limits for highways. Drivers should stay within the set speed limit even when the roads are empty.


Note: Drivers must assess the road conditions and drive accordingly. If the roads are wet roads or there’s low visibility, drivers must slow down and drive cautiously.


2.    Switching lanes

One of the common mistakes that drivers make on highways is switching lanes too frequently. When drivers change lanes, they must recognise the speed differences between the lanes and accordingly drive. If drivers need to change their lanes, they must make sure to give the appropriate signals and keep an eye on changing speed.


3.    Overtaking heavy vehicles

Heavy vehicles carrying goods are driven at high speeds on highways. Drivers must avoid overtaking heavy vehicles. The consequences of an accident involving heavy vehicles tend to be serious.  Drivers must wait for a signal from them in case they want to overtake. Drivers must be extremely cautious of the distance they maintain while overtaking heavy vehicles as they tend to be quite long.


4.    Not reading the road signs


Highways have many important road signs pertaining to speed limits, intersections ahead, turns and bridges. While on the highway, drivers should always read these signs so that they know they are driving within the speed limit and they adjust their speed for intersections, turns and bridges ahead.


5.    Not making pit stops

Highway driving can be tiresome and therefore, drivers must stop at regular intervals. Accidents due to driver fatigue are among the common causes for accidents on highways. Drivers must not push themselves to make up time.  The continuous driving can lead to fatigue. Drivers must take breaks and keep themselves hydrated. They should also keep switching between ‘recirculating’ and ‘fresh-air’ modes so that a change in temperature helps them to stay more alert. If drivers are feeling drowsy, they must take a quick nap. If drivers are accompanied by fellow drivers, taking turns to drive can help reduce fatigue.


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