International Tube And Pipe Trade Fair Dusseldorf, Germany

Utkarsh at Düsseldorf, TUBE

Utkarsh one of the leading manufacturers of steel tubes and pipes announces its participation at the worldwide no. 1 fair: Tube 2018. An important affair in the world of tubes and the tube processing starts from 16th to 20th April 2018 in Düsseldorf. The event unfolds a plethora of opportunities for both exhibitors and the visitors. Utkarsh India is proud to announce its association because this is a grand opportunity for decision makers and game changers like itself.

What does the event have to offer you?

The innovators meet their investors here.  Experience the entire range of state-of-the-art machinery for tube manufacturing and processing, innovative tube materials & accessories, OCTG technology highlights. The event also harbours Trading, stockists of tube of ferrous metal / Non-ferrous metal and alloys / Plastic / Fiber glass / Glass / Ceramic / Concrete / Fibre-cement etc.

For manufacturers associated with this industry, this global meet opens a plethora of opportunities to make new business connections. Apart from making valuable contacts, Business is also conducted here. Experts from the industry with innovative bent of mind are also present here who showcase the global innovations which the world is likely to see tomorrow. Important decisions for a better future are taken here and the contributors towards a brighter tomorrow are all present at Tube.