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High Mast Lighting Systems
High Mast Lighting Systems

High Mast Lighting Systems

Utkarsh India offers a wide range of High Mast Lighting Poles or High Mast Lighting Systems, customised as per client requirements that are used for roadways, ports, and other industrial area lighting, stadium lighting, flag mast. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards and can withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3):2015 and can be customized up to 300Kmph.

Why Utkarsh High Mast Lighting Poles?
  • In house Design facilities (Structural & Foundation) with PLS/Special Software (Validate from IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Available both in three point and two point suspension.
  • Rust-free electroplated rope drum, sprocket and torque limiter.
  • Rope drum of the winch has one left hand and other right hand groove for better alignment of the ring
  • Available both Detachable arm and fixed arm Lantern Ring.
  • 7 tank galvanising process for better adhesion and uniformity.
  • All testing facilities are available in plants including Spectrometer for chemical analysis.
  • All Trailing cables confirm to IS 9968 (P-1) for safety and durability.
  • All the hardware supplied is stainless steel for a better life.
  • Our head frame has a stainless steel axle with an anti rotation clamp to prevent damage of axle and stainless steel guide roller for smooth rolling of cable and rope.
  • Heavy duty drive chain (1/2 inch pitch) for lifting the ring.
  • We provide safety locking rope for high mast safety.
  • We provide double safety protection of motor (one mechanical and one electrical)
  • Optionally we provide anti theft nut for foundation bolt with specially developed wrench for High mast.
  • HDPE buffer arrangement for Lantern Ring.
  • All winch & motor tested with proper load before dispatch.
  • Structural Design is checked for all orders before production.
  • Wind Tunnel test from IIT-Kanpur.
Exports Countries
  • Nepal
  • Rwanda
  • Oman
  • Togo
  • Sharjah-UAE
  • Qatar

Production Range Lighting Mast, Stadium Mast, Flag Mast, Signage Mast, Solar Mast, High Mast Lighting Systems
Wind Speed Upto 300 Kmph
Luminary As per the required design.
Production Capacity 6,000 Pcs./year
Installation 25,000


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