Why Choose High Mast Light Poles?

The traditional systems of lights use a mounting height which is equal to or less than fifty feet. In contrast, high mast pole lighting systems are mounted at a height equal to more than 100 feet. As might be obvious each system comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The Costs Involved in Installation

There is a disparity in the difference of installation costs of conventional and high mast systems of lighting. The cost varies according to the application at hand. In case of interchanges, it is seen that high mast lighting systems are relatively less expensive to install. This is the result of the reduction in the number of poles and fixtures necessary as well as lesser conductor and conduit complexity. In other places however high mast lights prove to be more expensive to the exchequer.

Maintenance Cost of the Two Systems

There is a similar diversity in the maintenance costs of the two systems. The traditional form of lighting makes it necessary to use a bucket truck and traffic flow is disrupted for extensive periods of time. Cones, signs and lane closures have to be used in large numbers especially in case of mounting poles on concrete traffic barriers.

On the other hand, high masts systems can be maintained with the sole labour of one or two persons and a pickup truck. The risk posed by people working in the vicinity of traffic too is minimized.

Consider These Points

  • Is it necessary to have a lane closure? Will it disrupt traffic?
  • What is the difference in the initial costs?
  • What is the difference in maintenance costs?
  • Also, consider whether if in the future you decide to upgrade the roadway will you need to relocate the lighting? High mast lighting has the advantage of not requiring relocation and also serving as construction lighting for construction projects that might be undertaken in the future.
  • How near are residential areas and airports?

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