uPVC Column Pipes: Advantages and Features

uPVC Column Pipes or unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are a highly popular variant of PVC pipe and fittings due to the fact that they are highly affordable and offer a flexibility which let it resist all sorts of harsh environments. Further, they are non-metallic in nature which helps keep the diverse forms of corrosion at bay. uPVC Pipe manufacturing in India has got a boost from the variety of infrastructural projects being undertaken for development. They are widely used in systems of water distribution, discharge systems, and sewage as well. They are also used in:

UPVC Pipe Applications

  • Transporting potable water for use in industrial and domestic applications.
  • Irrigation and agriculture.
  • Transport of groundwater for land engineering projects.
  • Transporting processing fluids within industries.
  • To drain out industrial effluents and sewage.
  • Conveying abrasive slurries.
  • Transport, alkalis, acids among other fluids that may be corrosive in nature
  • Venting systems
  • Serving as the duct or conduit for fragile pipping systems and cables

PVC pipe and fittings manufacturers in India are witnessing swift sales for its unplasticized variety as has the following benefits:

  • UPVC pipes can deal with the aggressive flow of even hard water or those found in soils with a high percentage of sulfates. They readily resist several chemicals used in the industrial sector. This makes it ideally suited for long-term piping solutions.
  • The fabricating material uPVC itself is without a taste or It also happens to be inert to chemicals. This makes it nearly perfect for applications involving conveying drinking water.
  • uPVC boats of an inside surface that is mirror smooth. This results in minimum loss of flow heads. This gives it the upper hand as there is no buildup of deposits under the surface of the pipes.


  • uPVC is also immune to the effects of the elements or environmental conditions like wind, rain or even UV rays. But be forewarned against exposure to sunlight for long periods of time as this may lead to the browning of the surface.
  • uPVC Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps and other uses offer the rare characteristic of being resistant to burns. This makes it especially suited for domestic as well as industrial electrical installations as they will inhibit the spread of fire.

UPVC Pipe manufacturing in Kolkata sector in India is expanding due to the lightweight, ease of transportation and installation of the pipes. The maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum.