Top 7 Benefits of PVC Pipes

Sneaking into the current generation, PVC pipes are known to constitute important functions in the drainage system. Attributed with great features that withstand heat and cold, they are a great choice for the users. These technologically updated pipes are reliable for so many users like factories, industries, contractors, engineers, and so many more.

Here are some of the benefits PVC pipe manufacturers in West Bengal boast over that has earned it an incomparable edge over other materials.

Lightweight– PVC pipes have a huge advantage in the weight department when compared with other piping materials. PVC pipes are significantly lightweight. The low weight facilitates easy and effortless installation, without the risk of getting injured or needing a large team of workers to carry it.

Corrosion resistance– Corrosion is one of the most harmful and threatening issues, especially in water pipes, as it threatens our ability to get safe and pure drinking water. With PVC pipes, you have nothing to worry about. They are highly efficient in resisting any type of corrosion and thus, protecting our drinking water.

Long lifePVC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata have stated that PVC pipes have the life expectancy of over 100 years. Their longevity facilitates lower maintenance cost and increased productivity.

Chemical resistance– PVC pipes are equipped with superior resistance to a wide array of harmful chemical reagents and disinfectants. They are most apposite for infrastructure projects that need strong acids, alkalis, fluorides, mineral oils, fats, alcohols, and other aqueous solutions to pass through their pipes. This is another one of the reasons for their soaring popularity.

Lower cost– PVC pipes are much cheaper than any other pipe in the market. Moreover, the low installation cost, minimal breakage rate, and the life cycle cost considerably diminish their overall expense. PVC pipe manufacturers in India avail them at the lowest rates possible with added competitive discounts so that you get the best deal possible.

Flame resistance– PVC pipes are extremely difficult to ignite. Unless there is a continuous presence of an external ignition source, PVC pipes will not continue to burn. This advantageous feature makes it extremely safe and secure to work with and to install for long-term purposes. The temperature that they need for any cases of spontaneous ignition is 450 degrees Celsius.

Watertight joints– One of the crucial features of any PVC pipe and fittings is its tightness in the joints. The PVC pipes utilize various innovative techniques so that all the piping users have the tightest joints possible. PVC is equipped with deep insertion, monolithic sealed, and push together gasket as well as solvent cement joints so that they offer optimum safety and resistance.