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Conical Poles
Conical Poles

Conical Poles

Utkarsh offers a wide range of Conical poles, customised as per client requirements that are used for outdoor illumination, power distribution, solar, surveillance and smart pole application. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards, we offer poles between 3 meter to any size as per customer specifications and design requirements,, that can withstand wind speed up to 300 km/hour.


Utkarsh India offers premium galvanised conical street light poles with decorative brackets

Our conical light poles showcase three and four-arm brackets at various angles Starting at 3 meters, the product design is customisable to meet specific requirements 

Rigorously tested, our poles have undergone wind tunnel testing by IIT Kanpur and structural stability testing by CSIR, Chennai

The mast structure is engineered to withstand a maximum wind speed of up to 250 km/hr

Application area of Conical Poles

Utkarsh India is one of the leading conical pole manufacturers in India specialising in the production of high-quality street lighting poles for various applications. 

Street lighting: Conical poles are commonly used for street lighting installations, providing support for streetlights and improving visibility in urban and suburban areas.

Outdoor area lighting: These poles are suitable for illuminating outdoor spaces such as parking lots, pathways, parks, and recreational areas, contributing to increased safety and security.

Highway lighting: Conical poles are utilised for lighting along highways and major roadways, ensuring well-lit conditions for drivers and pedestrians, thus enhancing road safety.

Commercial and residential areas: In both commercial and residential settings, conical poles are employed for aesthetic outdoor lighting solutions, adding functionality and visual appeal to the surroundings.

Telecommunications: Conical poles can be adapted for use in the telecommunications industry to support antennas, satellite dishes, or other communication equipment. The tapered design helps accommodate various devices at different heights.

Sports stadiums and facilities: Conical poles are often used to provide lighting solutions for sports stadiums, arenas, and outdoor sports facilities, ensuring sufficient illumination for events and activities held during the evening or nighttime.

Surveillance: Conical poles serve as reliable mounts for surveillance cameras for enhancing monitoring and security. 

Why Utkarsh Conical Poles?
  • Utkarsh India is one of the leading conical pole suppliers in India, offering a wide range of customisable solutions.
  • Our conical poles serve various purposes, including outdoor illumination, power distribution, solar installations, surveillance, and smart pole applications.
  • Manufactured in strict adherence to IS standards, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Available in flexible sizes, ranging from 3 metres to any size, meeting precise customer specifications and design requirements.
  • Designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 300 km/hour, guaranteeing durability in diverse environmental conditions.


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