Different Types of Poles

High Mast Poles are poles used for artificial illumination.  They can be used in cramped spaces, and do not necessitate a large region to be cleared. It also needs lower erection period and demands lower fixing cost. High masts require the slightest preservation. The complete pole and fittings can be sustained at earth level for better security. The height of these poles usually resides from 12 to 30 meters. These masts can accommodate any illumination system and are likewise suitable for a range of other apparatus like flags, aerials, wind turbines, meteorological equipment, CCTV cameras, electricity distribution, telecom services, signs holders, etc.


The making of these mast poles is an elaborate process that includes de-coiling and cutting to length, trapezoidal cutting, welding, grinding, base plate fitting and door fitting, and finally the most important step, Galvanization. Some companies use seven-tank galvanization as it is more environmentally friendly. After galvanization, the products are finally straightened and dispatched for several uses.


Here are some different Types of High Mast Poles:


  • Street Lightning Poles: there are octagonal, conical and monopoles used for street lighting. These are up to 30 meters is the most usage of mast poles throughout the country. These are generally used to illuminate streets and roads.


  • Decorative Lighting Poles: these are used to illuminate gardens, shopping complexes, malls, monuments etc. these are produced by the manufacturers as per the necessity of their customers.


  • CCTV poles: these are designed and manufactured as per the requirement of the particular field. These are used to hold CCTV cameras in different places, therefore, the height can be of any range. These kinds of masts are used in Toll Plazas as well.


  • Lighting Masts: for yard lighting or lighting of large areas like stadiums and galleries, these masts are used. These can be up to 40 to 50 meters as per the condition.


  • Distribution Poles: these poles are used for the distribution of electricity. These are also manufactured by the high mast pole manufacturers as per the constraint.


  • Solar Lighting: these high masts are used for supporting solar panels that provide solar lighting in streets and other areas. The height is customized as per the necessity.


  • Telecom Monopoles: Telecom monopoles are used to connect telecom wires and distribution of broadband and telephone services.


Sectors like corporate and electrical contractors, power distribution and power plant authorities, steel plants, refineries and oil sectors, port trust, Indian Railways, national highways, municipal and corporation development authorities, military engineering services, Central Public Works Department etc. use high masts for various purposes.