Crash Barriers Make Safer Ways

Today, crash barriers are very much an integral part of road transport as the roads themselves. Here is a brief introduction to the ubiquitous crash barrier.


What is referred to as crash barriers in UK and parts of the commonwealth are also known as traffic barriers or Armco barriers. In the US they are called guard rails. They are also named by some as safety barriers or safety rails.


The fact of the matter is that all of the roadside barriers fall under the purview of crash barriers. These include all sorts of barriers made of cement, metal and even cable fences. You can find them on your way to any location, the road to which includes mountainous terrain, bridges or even medians that stand between roads and highways comprised of multiple lanes.

Why use crash barriers?

Car barriers prove their utility when a car erringly veers towards roadsides. They serve their purpose by slowing down the speed of the car when it strikes the barrier or guiding it back towards the road, depending on the severity of the deviation. Plus, the crash barrier also absorbs the crash impact sparing the vehicle from some of the sting of the crash.

The Results are real

Vehicles which veer off the road and hit the crash barrier before returning to the highway or road, sustains lesser damage than what it would have suffered if it had left the road. Median barriers also stop vehicles from entering lanes with traffic coming from the other side.

Utkarsh Crash Barriers

Utkarsh Metal Beam Crash Barriers are famed for their excellent quality and effectiveness. They conform to stringent safety norms like MORTH & AASHTO M180.