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Why Hardik Pandya is the best fit as ambassador for Pipes ka All-Rounder - Utkarsh Pipes & Fittings

Why Hardik Pandya is the best fit as ambassador for Pipes ka All-Rounder - Utkarsh Pipes & Fittings

We are so excited and happy to have cricketing superstar Hardik Pandya represent us as the brand ambassador of Utkarsh Pipes and Fittings. Hardik has impressed us all with his brilliant all-rounder skills just like we have impressed by delivering piping products of the highest calibre. Hardik Pandya, renowned for his all-round cricketing prowess, is now proudly representing Utkarsh Pipes- 'Pipes ka All-Rounder!'



Why are Utkarsh Pipes known as ‘Pipes ka All-Rounder?’



  • Highly strong: Our pipes and fittings are capable of withstanding high force impacts, even one of Hardik’s hardest hitting strokes. This strength has ensured that our pipes and fittings are able to carry significant loads without falling apart. Instead, our products have become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Durable: Our pipes are made to last for considerable periods even when exposed to the most challenging situations. This is yet another quality where our products seem to reflect Hardik’s talents. Just like he is known for his resilient performance during the nail-biting overs of a match, our pipes perform admirably even in the toughest environments.
  • Non-toxic: The water delivered through our pipes is just as pure as Hardik Pandya’s skills on the cricketing field. Our pipes come with a zinc-based stabiliser that helps remove toxins. So, you and your family can enjoy safe and hygienic water, which ensures long-term health and well-being. So, every time you take a sip of water from these pipes, you will feel how clean it is - almost as clean as Hardik’s strokes with the bat.
  • Pressure resistant: Our pipes go through long-term hydrostatic tests and perform admirably against burst pressure. High pressure operations do not seem to cause problems for the pipes, much like how Hardik remains cool and handles pressure situations with ease.
  • Leak-proof: Our pipes ensure reliable water supply and drainage without developing any leaks. This incredible feature helps to maintain the water pressure within the pipes and prevent other issues. In this regard too, our pipes resemble Hardik’s abilities on the field. As a phenomenal fielder, he never lets the ball slip past him. And, our pipes do not let any water slip out either.



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