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Railway Electrification Structures
Railway Electrification Structures

Railway Electrification Structures

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in railway transportation both in terms of passengers and freight traffic. While railways remain to be the primary mode of transportation in India, environmental issues, cost-cutting, enhanced capacity and faster movement are few of the many challenges faced by railways in present times. Simultaneously, it’s necessary to reduce nation’s dependency on petroleum based energy and also the carbon footprint. That’s where railway electrification structures come into the picture. Working around the globe we understand the growing demand. That’s why you can count on us as your trusted partner.

We are a CORE PART I approved vendor manufacturing and supplying the complete range of railway electrification OHE and TSS structures. We offer RSJ Mast, BFB Mast, B Series Mast, TTC Mast, Portal and SPS, portals, masts, beams, gantries, small parts steel, sub-station structures and more.

Beyond Railway Electrification Structures, you can also trust Utkarsh for Steel Tubular Poles, Street Light Poles, High Masts, Traffic Signal Poles, CCTV Poles and other traffic structure solutions.

With 40 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of 100 engineers working across the country, Utkarsh India Limited is a trusted name in the Infrastructure industry.
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