Flag Mast

Flag Mast is generally used for Hoisting National flag. It has one or more polygonal segments. The Flag is movable type. UTKARSH FLAG MAST has designed in such a way that the impact or wind will be minimum. Special guide has been provided to Guide the flag.



    HEIGHT: 10Mtr TO 45Mtr
    HTICKNESS: 3mm to 8mm
    DIAMETER: Up to 960mm
    WIND SPEED: Up to 300 km/hour




    Shaft– High tensile sheet/Plate Equivalent to BSEN 10025 : 2004 / IS 2062 : 2011 Gr.E350BR / IS 5986 : 2011 Gr 355, Base Plate- As per IS 2062 : 2011 Gr.E250A, Foundation Bolt- IS 1367 : 1994 / IS 2062 : 2011 Gr.E250A


    As Per IS 4759 : 1996 / IS 2629 : 1985 / BSEN ISO 1461 : 2009


    As per IS 875 (Part-3):2015/As per customer requirement


    As Per IS 875 Part-3:2015, IS 800 : 2007 / IS 6533:1989 (P-2) / BS 5649 : 1985 / EN 40, ILE TR-7:2000.


    As per IS 10178 : 1995/ IS 9595 : 1996


    As per ILE TR 7:2000.
    Motor: As per IS 325:1996 (3PH A.C., 415V, 4/6 Pole, 1HP to 3HP)
    Winch: 350KGS, 500 KGS, 750 KGS (SGDD/DGDD) & 1500 KGS (DGDD).
    Wire Rope: Stainless Steel 6MM, 8MM, AISI 316, 7/19 Construction.
    Pulley: LM 6 with Self-lubricating PB bush.
    Hardware: Stainless Steel
    Tolerances: As per BS 5649 : 1978/EN 40, IS 1852: 1985




    • In house Design facilities (Structural & Foundation) with PLS/Special software (validate from IIT-Kharagpur)
    • Electroplated rope drum, sprocket and torque limiter which do not rust.
    • Rope drum of winch have one left hand and other right hand groove for better alignment of ring.
    • Seven tanks and zero discharge galvanizing process with Flux tank heated by superheated steam for better Adhesion of zinc coating.
    • All testing facility available in plant including Spectrometer for chemical analysis.
    • All the hardware supplied are stainless steel for better life.
    • Our head frame have stainless steel axle with anti rotation clamp to prevent damage of axle and stainless steel guide roller for smooth rolling of cable and rope.
    • Heavy duty drive chain (1/2 inch pitch) for lifting the ring.
    • We provide double safety protection of motor (one mechanical and one electrical)
    • Optionally we provide anti thief nut for foundation bolt with specially developed wrench for High mast.
    • All winch & Motor tested with proper load before dispatch.
    • Structural Design is checked for all orders before production.
    • Wind tunnel test from IIT-Kanpur.


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