Column Pipes

Utkarsh Column Pipes (riser pipe) mainly used with Submersible Pumps for lifting water inside Bore Well and Tube Well. It has become widely popular on the basis of its quality and dependability.




    15  to 100



    Effective length
    3 mtr. / as per customer requirement.



    Specification of UTKARSH Submersible Delivery Pipe (Column Pipe)
    Product OD-Outside Dia.
    ND-Nominal Dia.
    In mm
    Wall Thickness End Side Wall Thickness Middile/Barrel Ultimate Breaking load (kgt) Safe pulling load with Chain Pulley
    Safe allowable hydrostatic pressure
    in the Pipes(Kg/cm2)
    in mm
      Min Max
    Min Max
    OD -33.10
    ND -25.00
    V4 3.3 3.6 1.9 2.0 850 500 12.5
    Medium 3.7 4.2 2.5 2.8 1200 750 16
    Standard 5.2 5.5 4.0 4.3 1700 1100 30

    OD -42.10
    ND -32.00

    V4 3.6 4.0 2.5 2.8 1300 800 12.5
    Medium 3.9 4.3 2.7 3.1 1800 1000 15
    Standard 5.4 5.8 4.1 4.3 2550 1500 35
    1 ½”
    OD -48.10
    ND -40.00
    V4 3.9 4.3 3 3.2 1750 1100 12.5
    Medium 5.2 5.6 3.1 3.3 2200 1200 17
    Standard 6.1 6.5 4.1 4.4 2950 1700 35
    Heavy 7.1 7.5 5.9 6.3 4000 2250 32
    OD -60.10
    ND -50.00
    Popular 4.2 4.6 2.4 2.6 1700 1000 8
    Medium .  5.1 5.5 2.5 3.0 2450 1450 13
    Standard 6.2 6.5 4.0 4.3 3600 2100 20
    Heavy 7.9 8.3 5.5 5.9 5650 3350 27
    OD -75.15
    ND -65.00
    Medium 52 5.5 2.6 3.0 3100 1800 10
    Standard 6.5 6.8 4.1 4.4 4650 2700 16
    Heavy 9.0 9.5 6.2 6.7 7000 4200 26
    OD -88.15
    ND -80.00
    Medium 5.9 6.3 3.3 3.7 4450 2600 11
    Standard 7.1 7.55 4.9 5.3 6800 4000 17
    Heavy 10.0 10.6 7.2 7.7 9600 5650 26
    OD -113.15
    ND -100.00
    Medium 6.4 6.66 4.4 4.6 6800 4000 10
    Standard 8.2 8.6 5.6 6.0 10000 5900 15
    Heavy 11.4 11.8 5.8 6.0 15900 9350 26

    Design & Testing

    Utkarsh Column pipes have been specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality standards. They are tested to withstand system load comprising of pump, water and pipe weight with adequate factor of safety, they can withstand considerable shocks and jerk load during operation due to unique design of square threads

    Installation Procedure and Precautions

    • Take 3 meter long pipe, remove the protection cap from male end. Wipe both male and female threads, clean using piece of cloth.
    • Ensure that rubber gasket supplied with the pipe is property placed in the groove on the male threads of pipe.
    • Tighten the CI bottom adapter on the pump with the help of strap wrench or pipe wrench. Lower the pump in the well using loop bail or MS clamps.
    • While lowering or extracting the pump set, pipes should be clamped at ‘’CLAMP HERE’’ location marked on the pipes. Rubber sheet/cushioning between pipe surface and clamp may be used to avoid scratches/damages to the pipe.
    • Clamps to be used with pipe for installation should be of correct size (as shown) to avoid damages to the threads.
    • Use of Utkarsh Column pipes for submersible pump in combination with GI Pipes in the same bore well/tube well is not recommended.
    • Assemble pipe one after the other. Tighten pipes by strap wrench or jerk of a pipe wrench so that 50% of rubber-sealing ring on male thread end gets into the seat of belled/coupler female square threads. Use plain water or soapy water as a thread lubricant. Do not use any oil or grease on threads.
    • When the pump is lowered to desired depth, fit top adapter to the last pipe. Connect required fittings like nipple/bend to the delivery side of top adaptor.
    • Use Utkarsh installation tool i.e. loop bail for lowering the pipes in the bore well while using tripod and chain pulley block instead of MS clamps.
    • We recommend use of Utkarsh pump guard system to make your installation full proof against falling of pump due to excessive vibration/ jerks or during pump withdrawal.
    • Do not over tighten the pipes as it will result in crushing of rubber sealing leading to leakage / Pipe failure
    • Use new Rubber seals for every reinstallation of submersible pump.
    • If lubrication is needed to ease the joint assembly, plain water or soapy water can be applied to the threads prior to assembly.
    • Do not apply grease, oil or any other oily substance on the threads.
    • It is advisable to use safety device such as pump protection relay to prevent dry running of pump or pump shut-off head condition.
    • A safety cable or rope should be used to prevent dropping of pump in the well either during operation or withdrawal. The rope can be of steel or nylon or polypropylene.
    • In bore wells with loose boulders, casing pipes are recommended for entire depth.
    • In bore wells, without full casing pipes, it is advised that at the time of removal of pumps for bore well ,if the pump gets stuck up due to silt/sticky mud or entrapped stone, proper flushing of the bore well should be done and only then pulling load should be applied to the pipes for pump removal.
    • Use of good quality reflux valves on the delivery side is recommended for preventing water hammer, up thrust and back spin in the pumping system.




    Light weight: PVC pipes are light in weight hence transportation and installation becomes much easier.

    Hygienic: As uPVC is immune to galvanic and electrolytic erosion, both pipe and water passing through it is not affected and hence water is not contaminated.

    High flow rate: Mirror smooth inside surface of pipe and corrosion resistance property prevents scale formation which ensures high flow rate resulting in substantial power saving. They can be installed in all types of acidic or alkaline medium which badly affect metal pipes.

    Longer life: Utkarsh pipes are manufactured with latest technology under stringent quality control. Specially imported additives are used for higher strength and trouble free long service life.

    High Tensile Load Capacity: Specially designed square threads (male and female) are manufactured on SPM’s to provide smooth fitment/refitment. The design of threads along with the pipe material makes it strong enough to take high tensile loads.

    Leak proof joints: The sealing rings are made from best quality rubber which ensures long service life, absorption of pump vibration and leak proof joints.

    Overall economy: In addition to the above benefits, Utkarsh column pipes for submersible pumps are much economical to G I pipes.


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