SWR Pipes & Fittings

SWR Pipes

Utkarsh manufactures SWR Pipes for Soil & Waste Discharge system including ventilation and rain water system for inside and outside building.

Now Utkarsh introduces SWR Fittings & Pipes to ensure but utilization of Utkarsh Pipes. Utkarsh is the one and only manufacturing unit in West Bengal for SWR Fittings and Pipes. Utkarsh SWR Fittings and Pipes are found anytime, everywhere. Utkarsh SWR Drainage systems includes a wide range of Fittings and Pipes which have an equally wide range of applications. Tougher and economical Utkarsh uPVC SWR Fittings and Pipes are the ideal answer for soil, waste and vent lines when compared to Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement Drainage Systems.